Monday, May 15, 2006

Through the Church ...

Building somewhat on yesterday's post re: Parachurch organisations, I was very struck by this quote of Ern Baxter's from the first message in the series: "The King and His Army". Triumphalistic restorationism? Or a dead-cert reality?

"And in 1975 while we all believe in the Second Coming of Christ, the Holy Spirit is bringing a new dimension to bear upon us and we are feeling a new weight of glory in our souls that is saying to us, “You have missed something and you have replaced it with something that it was never meant to be replaced by. That I don’t intend to solve the world’s problems by the Second Coming of My Son but I intend to solve the world’s problems by incarnating My Royal Self in the corporate Body of My Son and causing the kingdoms of this world to feel the impact of the corporate Christ as it blazes forth in the authority of King David for David the prince shall sit upon the throne in the hour of Messiah’s best victories and it is through the Church that God is going to demonstrate and vindicate the purpose that He had in Jesus Christ.

The Church is not going out like a scared rabbit or a dog between its legs. But the Church is going out in a blaze of glory as God vindicates His Son and declares that the resurrection was the ultimate victory of humanity over Satan and self and sin and the old Adamic society”. (*applause*).

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Baxter's Boy said...

I love this quote too. I didn't want to write a whole new post centrered around it but I couldn't resist sharing it. Now THIS is a good way to leave a conference! Ern said:

"As we go along in these nights, I hope to be able to (from my point of ministry) send you back to wherever you come from, with a new sense of meaning. I want you to go away from this conference adjusting your crown, drawing your purple toga around you, squaring your shoulders, standing ten feet tall and go home to change your community and plant the flag of Jesus Christ on top of city hall".