Sunday, July 15, 2007

Together on A Mission 2007 Highlights!

As is quite traditional now, a high quality DVD was made for each church present to take away. I am so grateful to someone who has posted the said DVD on You-Tube! You can now see the DVD and experience a taster of what we have been so blessed to come away from.

Here it is! Enjoy;


Anonymous said...

Can it be that the cry of Restoration is coming alive again?! I am profoundly moved by this videoclip! I think you yourself may admit that words cannot always convey your experience at the conference but it is evident to me that this conference is UNIQUE! I have yet to see a conference either here in the USA or elsewhere where Word and Spirit seem to be coming together as they are here in Brighton.

Can it be that Smith Wigglesworth's prophecy is coming true? Can it be that the tidal wave of glory and revival is poised on the horizon ready to break upon our shores? Or your shores I should say! This has wetted my appetite. I look forward to your reports!

Above all - keep the fire burning!

Dr S A J Burgess

James B said...

Amen! Let Restoration's cry ring forth once more! Spotted you at Brighton by the way!

Peter Day said...

It is very interesting and encouraging that the Smith Wigglesworth prophecy was read out at the conference. There was a real rise of faith that these glorious promises shall surely come to pass!