Saturday, July 21, 2007

See ... That You Make Others See!

I'm interupting the reports from "Together on a Mission" to share this very interesting and insightful quote from a book I've been reading. I was quite challenged by my US friend Jesse, who asked the important question whether it is actually worth writing and arguing for our views if there really is no hope of persuading avid Macarthur cessationists. I think we must keep reading and writing. One of my favourite Spurgeon quotes makes that challenge clear;

“Beloved when you and I have seen or heard anything which God has revealed to us, let us go and write it or make it known by some other means … You have not been privileged to see, merely to make glad your eyes and to charm your soul; you have been permitted to see in order that you may make others see”[1].

That is one of the reasons why I love the Puritans so much. They had an experience of God and wrote about it and their writings ooze with Spirit-drenched passion for the Lord. So if we have had any experience of God, any testimony to share then surely we must write! I am passionate about the need for every believer to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. It is our rightful inheritance that guarantees us an experience of sonship. Imagine a world filled with Spirit-baptised believers and churches who knew without a doubt that they are sons of the living God! Imagine a world of churches where doubt and fear has left them that our inheritance is guaranteed!

That is why Jesse's paper on the Baptism of the Spirit is such a vital resource. It's here - free!

So back to the quote. I've been reading "Foundational Truths for Christian Living" by Derek Prince and I felt he had a very insightful take on the issue of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He wrote this;

"We can sum up the differences between the two experiences of receiving the Holy Spirit.

1. On Resurrection Sunday it was:

  • Resurrected Christ.

  • Inbreathed Holy Spirit.

  • Result: Life.

2. On Pentecost Sunday it was:

  • Ascended Christ.

  • Outpoured Holy Spirit.

  • Result: Power".
I felt this was a important distinction that deserves being heard. May many more new believers be baptised in the Holy Spirit of power bringing the wonderful assurance that Jesus Christ is alive and standing before the Father interceding for them!

[1] C H Spurgeon (5th ed, 1995) – C H Spurgeon Autobiography – “The Full Harvest” (Volume 2) - Banner of Truth, Edinburgh – page 142 – emphases mine.


Anonymous said...

That's excellent!

Dr S A J B

Peter Day said...

Amen. Amen. And we must keep writing. It is not primarily to try and persuade those who are cessationists, but to strengthen those (including ourselves) who are charismatics that we might know what we believe and grow to believe for more of His mighty outpouring.

Jesse P. said...

The Spurgeon quote is outstanding. I hope you will add it to the underlined bits. I am also glad to see the new format of your blog. It looks very sharp.

Is there a place to download various session recordings from Newfrontiers? I am wondering if they make them available, or if there is a cost for purchasing them?

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks for comments guys - v important points! Yes we don't write primarily to persuade but to stir, motivate, fan into flame - surely that in itself will be an example to all those watching to see whether our life matches our doctrine.

Yep Jesse the downloads from the conference are available and free! Well worth a listen! Here's the link;

Hope you enjoy! Thanks so much - glad you like the new look!

Jonathan said...

I disagree - surely you're not implying that everyone is called to write? Spurgeon wouldn't have meant that would he otherwise there'd be a complete flood of writing!

Dan Bowen said...

No I don't think either myself or Jesse or Spurgeon were implying that everyone is called to write. But the calling on some is indeed to write and they should respond to the challenge of Spurgeon's and write what they see surely. Too much of the Christian market is flooded with books that are as dry as dust. We need more books written by people who've had living encounters with the Spirit of God Himself!