Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Awesome God!!

During "Together on a Mission" the worship leader Simon Brading got us singing this very simple song of acclaim to God. The line is very simple!

"Our God is an awesome God - from heaven above, with wisdom, power and love - our God is an awesome God!".

I think for me it seemed to sum up beautifully the whole conference. The Presence of God was so heavy and strong in the place and session after session I felt absolutely lost - without words and all I could say was, "Our God is an awesome God!". I am so grateful to the wonderful Hillsongs yet again - I found the song from their youth conference - and the power and passion was identical to that of the worship at Brighton! May it stir you into flame!!


thebluefish said...

A good old song! It was a great moment. Can't help thinking that it's a song that needs to be finished - with some more words! The original extra words are a bit odd but somewhere I've heard 1-2 really good versions.

thebluefish said...

Here it is, it's a chorus from a Joel Houston song, with exactly the same chords that can be sung over it.

So I'll stand
E F#m D
With arms high and heart abandoned
A E F#m D
In awe of the One who gave it all
I'll stand
E F#m
My soul Lord to You surrendered
D A E F#m
All I am is Yours