Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Prophetic Statement from the Past!

In preparing and thinking about going to Brighton and "Together on a Mission 2007" next week, I was tremendously stirred to re-read this statement written by Ern Baxter back in 1977. 30 years ago! He was writing then and speaking about the Dales Bible Week but as I read it, I felt a surge of excitement and hope that the same thing applies to the UK today. It marries exactly with what Rob Rufus said at Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting. Ern Baxter said;

"England is a country that is embattled and besieged ... but there is an ever-growing army of people in England who are proclaiming with confidence that the Kingdom of God is being built in the earth and that it's going to come to pass by the miraculous power of God through them. These people are Kingdom-minded. They're talking about the government of God coming to Great Britain. They're not confined to little "bless me" groups. They're thinking big; their vision is expanded; and they're ready to help Queen Elizabeth get the country out of trouble".

If you want to read the entire article that he wrote - which was his report of his time in the United Kingdom during that significant year - 1977 - then I have posted it in three parts:

Let's see that prophetic statement come to pass! Let's continue to think "big"! Let's continue to stand with our shoulders back secure in the knowledge that the Church has the only answer that Gordon Brown and his government need to sort this country out!

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James B said...

This is an awesasome statement and I can't quite believe that Ern said it yet it can apply today!! Surely that is what God will turn and look at - our hunger, our desperation for Him!! Why should He come to a people who say that we can do it quite well on our own thanks!? I am really really stirred by this statement and thank you for the link to the full report, I am going to go and read it!!