Friday, July 06, 2007

Gone to Brighton!!

We leave tomorrow!! Back in a week!!

I'm not quite sure what state blogging will be although I promise full and descriptive reports even if I don't quite manage live-blogging. Pete is bringing his laptop so hopefully we will get to publish something each day - that really depends on in what measure God comes in power and whether I am too laid out to type anything. I'm going primarily to receive and I'm going desperate! Last year's TOAM 06 can be found here too. There are going to be transcripts of the prophecies that God may give here. There is going to be descriptions of the worship here and there are going to be quotes logged here!

There is plenty to look at this week. Newfrontiers have updated their website and it has become even more awesome. There are a number of outstanding theological papers finally produced here along with the audio-messages from last years TOAM 06. The latest Newfrontiers magazine is out and is of expected high standard. There is an interview with Wayne Grudem which is very interesting. He speaks of his baptism in the Spirit while at Yale as well as an extremely encouraging sense that God is going to visit the UK;

"I mentioned this to Terry Virgo with tears in my eyes as I felt something of the Holy Spirit's Presence in saying this. I don't think when God brings revival that He is going to pass over the United Kingdom with all that wonderful history of worldwide spread of the gospel ... I do not think God is going to forget all of that".

Finally Jesse has written again and it is unmissable!

So I pray God's deepest blessings on all of you - may He visit each and everyone of you in manifest power - speak soon!

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