Monday, July 02, 2007

CCK, Brighton on Sunday 8th July!!

I noted a few days ago that Rob Rufus will be speaking at CCK in Brighton prior to "Together on a Mission" - and am tremendously excited about that. I was discussing with my new pastor up in Birmingham how we both wanted to hear Rob in the context of a local church teach as compared to a larger conference - so here is our chance! I can't wait to hear what he has to say and to share to that wonderful church. But if that wasn't enough and my excitement wasn't reaching fever pitch - I now note that Kate Simmonds will be back and leading worship in the morning on that Sunday!

Now let me reassure all worried readers - I am not in the process of hero worship (not much anyway!). Heroes tend to be human and they will and do let you down. Unless they are glorified in heaven like Ern Baxter! My excitement at this key Sunday is that two respected servants of God who I do deeply admire, respect and love will be together taking joint responsibility to lead us into the Presence of God and set the Brighton week off with an awesome kick start! Kate's gifting for not taking centre stage but leading the congregation into worship is just outstanding. There are very few worship leaders I know who within the first song can take us "there".

It's going to be quite a week - quite a conference. And I am desperately hungry to meet God in awesome and unparallelled power. "Show me Your glory God! Show us Your glory!".

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