Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Coming Soon ... Q and A with Ern Baxter, Arthur Wallis and Bryn Jones!

One of the things I love about audiotapes are that every now and then you listen to one and find a vault of treasure! I had just such an experience a few days ago. Due to moving I have been sorting through my stacks of audiotapes and found an unmarked one - it turned out to be;

A Question and Answer Session from a Pre-Dales Bible Week 1977 Conference with Ern Baxter, Arthur Wallis and Bryn Jones!

From what I can gather of the discussion many of the major charismatic leaders in the UK were present including Terry Virgo and Dave Mansell. The content of the Question and Answer session is quite remarkable. They touch on issues such as apostolic ministry in such depth that still hasn't been properly realised in this country. Ern Baxter was regularly asked for his prophetic wisdom and input into various questions. Although Bryn Jones clearly chaired the session (and the conference) and posed most of the questions there was some interaction from the delegates assembled.

I would be incredibly interested to know whether anyone was at that conference - at the High Leigh centre just outside London and whether they have any insight or testimony to share. It sounded like it was key in setting the tone for the Dales Bible Weeks and the other charismatic conferences that were to follow.

I am currently in the process of transcribing the Question and Answer Session from the audiotape and hope to make it available as soon as possible. Q and A does tend to take a little longer than sermons as there is more interaction and sometimes questions cannot always properly be heard on the tape but I will work as fast as possible and hope that the re-discovery of this material might add in some way to the charismatic resurgence that is stirring!

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