Monday, July 16, 2007

Session 2 - Rob Rufus at TOAM 07!

Terry Virgo introduced Rob Rufus to us making mention of his contribution to last year's "Together on a Mission". So it was with great anticipation that we looked what he had to bring to us. Scott and I especially so in the aftermath of Sunday at CCK!

His text was: Acts 4:13 - "Being Filled with Faith and Power".

There was a sense of resonance - a "Yes!" - with Steve's message this morning. But it is a deep sober thing. The trees of the field will clap their hands because all creation is groaning and waiting for the Church to get it together! Joy always brings noise! We measure ourselves in unfair standards by only reading in history of successes and no failures. Let's give the fields of Brighton an opportunity to clap their hands! Jesus Christ said religious traditions make null and void the power of God! He is the One who anoints us to destroy yokes, burdens and strongholds!

Every day we must get into the anointing - let all the issues close every day and awaken every morning to find new mercies! Dead formalism is a safe place to hide from cynicism. But His burden is easy and His yoke light! One of the greatest miracles will be leaders free with the joy of the Lord! Most of our leadership is not so much taught as caught - impartation of the rhema Word of God - living and breathing. Prophecy releases and creates potential where it wasn't there before! This isn't about intellectual faith - we should hate intellectual faith!

It is ludicrous to believe in an intellectual way that Jesus Christ is raised from the dead alone - if He's alive then He will speak and we will hear! He will act and we will see!

Sophisticated faith is no faith at all. The secret of New Testament life is that the bulk of our being is submerged in Christ and the current of the Spirit will move will move us against the winds of culture. Jesus Christ came out of the grave with a conciousness of conquest! He breathed into the church a conciousness of certainity that we are perfect forever in the sight of Jesus Christ!

We will always reflect the nature of the world we are most concious of - heaven or earth.

We are the Church of "Open Heaven!". Whereever Jesus Christ went, so the heavens opened. Therefore He is in us by His Spirit so heaven is open here and now! We won't ever be able to fully define this - either we have it or we don't. The spirit of faith isn't about analysis but about action - it is a leap into the light! When boldness accompanies your faith you are anointed to act on your beliefs.

You need more than a doctrine if you want to drive out a demon! The demon won't respect a theology certificate very much!

Faith doesn't come because of a good education but because of intimacy with Jesus. (4:13, 21-22). Many back off the ministry of the supernatural through opposition. Yet the early church prayed for boldness because it activates faith. The apostles weren't giving doctrine to resurrection but the miracles and signs and wonders themselves testified to the risen Jesus Christ! When miracles happen, the spirit of religion goes! We do indeed learn valuable lessons from sickness but it is not God's way and it is not God's will.

The doctrine of faith will make you academic but the spirit of faith will cause you to rip holes in roofs.

Rob then moved into a time of welcoming the Spirit of God - which once again was extremely powerful - both Scott and I and our friends were deeply affected by the sense of "God come down" in the room. We spent some time worshipping the risen Christ and then Rob asked for 50 people to come forward. Unfortunately I was a bit too slow and didn't make it! But he prayed for each of them - most of whom were laid out. He then asked the lead elders to come forward and was taken aback with how many arrived. There once again was a huge administration problem because Rob was trying to minister to them all and the session had well overrun!

But it occured to me - what a problem to have! As I said about the queue to register for the conference, I don't think I have seen hunger this transparent before. Ministry calls always have a relatively good turn-out at Newfrontiers conferences but I haven't seen so many pack forward desperate for a touch from God.
By the way! Rob got distracted into a hilarious story about an African lady whose father he healed. It has to be heard to be believed! Go here!

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