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A New Look Website and Sunday Evening at CCK, Brighton!!

"A New Look!".

I have got the "new look" bug and have tried a new template on the blog. Hope it's easier on the eye. The dots were doing my head in particularly after "Life on Wings" broke!

CCK, Brighton.

The morning report of CCK is here.

This morning's message on "Grace and the Glory of God" was Rob Rufus at his best and so we spent all afternoon in a haze wandering along the Brighton beach saying "Wow" and "Awesome!" quite a bit. It was with some excitement that we came back for the evening meeting at CCK. Traditionally the speaker normally preaches the same sermon again to ensure that the younger congregation who turn up in the evening get to hear it but Rob had the freedom of the CCK elders to preach a different sermon.

Simon Brading was leading worship in the evening - since Kate Simmonds left for Australia, Simon now leads the team of worship leaders at the church. It's easy to see why. His maturity and passion for God is contageous! We began worship;

There then was a prophecy from a guy in the church about the banner drums of the army of the Lord. He is for us! We are invincible! Joel Virgo then came up and prayed thanking God for the finality of His victory - the shout of the Lord is in the camp! The worship was kept short so that Rob Rufus could take time to minister after the sermon. He got us to sit down and again introduced Rob to us. Rob warned that he wouldn't be speaking for very long because he wanted to get to praying for those who were hungry.

He said that God wanted to unleash the wild side of His Personality tonight! God is an extremist! He can deal with extremes! His desire is to take the low level of anointing upon us and increase it. There is an increase of anointing that can and must come. (Luke 4:17-18). Jesus Christ came into the earth as God Almighty with His humanity restraining His divinity. The miracles He did, He did as a man - hence He required the baptism of the Holy Spirit to activate such ability. At the age of 30 He was anointed with the Spirit and power and then He did miracles.

In Nazareth it says that their unbelief stopped Him from doing miracles. "Could there do no miracles" not "Would there do". Anyone anointed can do miracles and signs and wonders. Not everyone will be an equipping Ephesians 4 Ministry but everyone can be equipped to do signs and wonders.

What Does the Anointing Do?

(Luke 4:18). If the anointing will flow unrestrained, many psychatrists will be out of business!

"We can look to the finished work of Christ but if there is no anointing to make it real and administrate the victory of the Cross then the Cross will remain a historical event that we may get sentimental about".

Let us not allow cynicism to make us bitter! The anointing sets the captives free! The anointing "massages" toxins out of us - our hurts, pains are turned into good. We can do nothing without the anointing! The anointing is God's power and Presence made manifest! When the anointing is made manifest, the whole atmosphere is super-charged. You can detect it physically. Are we ashamed of the manifestation of His Presence? The anointing is heavenly materiality. Heaven becomes more real than earth! John G Lake said that the anointing is the supernatural made natural.

The anointing isn't generated. It isn't about how much you pray or fast. The empty Cross is the generator and the Word of God is the power lines. Faith is the fuse. Pride or fear or shame will increase the resistance to the anointing. The time is coming - prophetic people can sense a weariness across the earth with cerebral head knowledge of God. The brain is just a physical organ. There is a difference between our brains and our minds. We must get to the place where we are so desperate that we will do ANYTHING to get it!

To the hungry, God is coming in power! (Mark 5:24-30). "She felt ... Jesus perceived". This account of the woman with the bleed is an awesome account of the manifestation of the anointing. The woman had to steal the anointing from Jesus Christ. Somehow she knew that she could pull it from Him by her faith through His clothes. But she didn't know that Jesus would also feel the power go out of Him and be aware. One woman drew the anointing from Him with a touch of faith. Why restrict healing to one method or one way?

Let's get everyone healed! Combine everything!

Rob then asked us to stand and in his simple and undramatic way asked the Presence of the Holy Spirit to come down and glorify Jesus Christ. Straight away the atmosphere became heavy and charged! I felt like wave after wave of heat rolled down over me. Rob then asked for those who were being affected physically by the Spirit to come forward. It was an awesome moment. I haven't responded to a ministry call for a few years now but I found myself running forward to the front of the church. Rob and the elders were taken aback by the amount of people who came forward. Scott said it was almost half the church! But despite this he began to pray for us and it felt like a whirlwind began to sweep through the room. Scott testified later that it was still affecting those who hadn't gone forward.

The experience I had was awesome. I was standing with my eyes closed and felt like a brighter and brighter glow began to penetrate my perception. I sensed an awesome thrill and excitement and just knew that God was "rejoicing with singing" over the fact that His people were so desperate to encounter Him and Him alone - not just a manifestation of His power. Rob got round as many people as he possibly could and it was remarkable that noone seemed to fall under the power of the Spirit but still got dramatically affected. It was remarkable because there simply weren't enough catchers! Yet God still came and still did powerful work - proving that the phenomenon accompanying His Presence is irrelevant as long as His Son is glorified.

Tomorrow: Day 1 of "Together on a Mission 2007" - Stephen van Rhyn, Rob Rufus and Terry Virgo.

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