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Seminar 2 on Holy Spirit - Dave Holden at TOAM 07!

I mentioned that Dave Devenish's main session along with Rob Rufus's ministry was the highlight of the conference for me but Dave Holden's session during the Training Track was hard on their heels! I first heard Dave Holden at Stoneleigh 1999 speaking on worship and was amazed that a man so down to earth could impart apostolic doctrine so powerfully! Since then Dave's ministry has impacted me again and again - and this seminar was no exception. Pete, Malcolm and I came away from the session resolute that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is not optional in our churches!

Here are the notes from his seminar that my best friend Pete was gracious enough to send me. I have selected the key bits that blessed me - I am sure he will be presenting the full version soon over at "The Best is Yet to Come".

Dave Holden - "Gifts of the Holy Spirit in your meetings" - Seminar - 12th July 07

Terry Virgo's session was an essential starting point for this issue of the Holy Spirit in our churches - We must endeavour to ensure our people are genuinely baptised in the Holy Spirit, for that will impact what will happen in the meeting.

Not like we are because modern people who like contemporary music, but because we are baptised in the Holy Spirit. Can use all modern technology, but true liveliness comes from a people baptised in the Holy Spirit. It’s the people’s experience that is important. People may come because they like our kind of worship, but that is not the point. It should be because we are baptised in the Holy Spirit.

1) Function of Holy Spirit in our meetings.

a) He is there to glorify Jesus.

Every contribution that is of the Spirit will glorify Jesus. Did you feel that you were drawn to Him or away from Him? Not about how unworthy we are, but of Him who is worthy.

2) He comes to help us to encounter God.

If our motive is to glorify Him, so we will encounter Him.

He is to be felt, experienced, acknowledged.

We should be able to help people to encounter God, but the Holy Spirit is the best one who is able to do that for us.

In a congregation that are full of expectation that encounter is going to happen. It is sad that after a few minutes, a number of people have sat down, don’t expect anything to happen.

Need to raise that expectation. People go passive.

There is a different between participation and contribution. Participate – lift your hands, raise your voice, reaching out to God. Even if they do not contribute. Prophesy being heard is not just for the front 3 rows.

Engaging is a faith dynamic. Where there is no participation, it is because there is an expectation.

3) He wants to use the congregation to build up the body of Christ.

As He broods over our meetings, He is wanting to distribute gifts. Not for their own edification, but for their brothers and sisters which will cause Jesus to be even more glorified.

Gifts are not an option. The church will be immature. They are not an add on, but build up the church.

Corinth would find our meetings very strange. What is this platform you have?

a) Meetings were spontaneous. Did not know what was going to happen. A good worship leader brings people in and then back off. Holy Spirit doesn’t like formality, we are family. He doesn’t like repetition. New things are always coming. Not don’t plan, but plan that is totally committed to the unseen conductor. We can say at end, that this is what God is saying to us.

b) Each one. Also room given to the public reading of scripture. Need to teach people to be filled, and to be full of the Word. What is in you the Holy Spirit will bring out. So need the word of God that there is a flow, and there is content. Teach people to work on the reservoir. We want good contributions.

c) Gifts of the Holy Spirit are to be expected in our gatherings. Do not forbid. When a tongue given in the meeting, then that is often is a doorway to the other gifts coming. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not the pinnacle in our worship, they are to aid us in a worship.

What do you want? That which is biblical. However great the performance, that is not where it is at.

We need a fresh charismatic renewal!

We have to keep going for it!

2) Major questions.

1) Does this bring chaos? No - v39-40. There is a spirit of order. Holy Spirit is not chaotic. If we all tuned into the Holy Spirit it would not be chaotic, but a totally orderly thing. Often the issue is one of timing. Need to learn how to flow in the Spirit. Like building blocks as each one contributes. Congregation should check it out to see if it is right or wrong.

2) What about the size of the meeting? No problem. Should have more contributions the bigger that it is. Should come to the front so that you can be heard. Some churches are saying “too big” for contributions. It doesn’t set limits on numbers. The big meeting should model the small meeting.

3) What about unbelievers? Big mistake to dial down on charismatic life because of unbelievers. It is popular today to be seeker sensative! Day of Pentecost – there were thousands of unbelievers in that first meeting. Just explain what is happening. Unbelievers will encounter the living God. What we should dial down is contributions which unbelievers can’t relate to – careful of the language.

4) What about the worship leader role? They have contributions to make to the meeting in the same way as anyone else. We are all doing the same thing. No-one is elevated. Worship leader is to help the congregation to engage with God, pointing away from himself to the glory of God. Main emphasis on what we are doing together.

5) What about when someone says, “let’s all speak in tongues together.” Inappropriate when unbelievers are present. Unbelievers will think we are mad. In this gathering, we are all believers. So it stirs your spirit.

Singing in the Spirit – it aids worship, and we should do more of it. This may reflect how many people in the congregation are baptised in the Holy Spirit.

Not about tongues, but about singing in the Spirit. All singing songs to the Lord, in whatever language.

If we are a charismatic community it is not about modern and contemporary but about having a deluge of the Holy Spirit upon us. A people being ready to move in gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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