Sunday, July 22, 2007

Charismatic Resurgence Post Updated!

After almost a month's shameful break I have updated the "Charismatic Resurgence" post with some of the exciting things on the internet that I have seen. I was stirred to update it after my US friend Jesse changed the name of his blog from "Prophetically Speaking" to "Resurgence". He wrote;

"The spiritual gifts can be described as 'surges' of spiritual strength from God that are otherwise foreign to the natural man. It is not enough to rely on past experiences of God's grace; we must be continually asking him for more. The Christian life should see ongoing resurgences of God's enabling grace so that the church can continually be edified and the gospel steadily advance with signs following".

I think this Brighton conference more than any other (and maybe including the Stoneleigh Bible Weeks) has marked a definite new era upon us. The tide has not only turned, something big is coming. All the prophecies seemed to bear witness to that. Rob Rufus's incredible ministry most impacted me in raising the level of our faith and daring us to believe that God is indeed God and capable of anything in order to make His Son famous in the nations. It's more exciting than ever to be able to try and track what God is saying to different people all over the earth.

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