Saturday, May 17, 2008

Off to Eastbourne and to Rob!!

Well we're setting off to Eastbourne today!! It's been a bit of a battle to get there - a series of "coincidences" meant that I wasn't paid when I was meant to so we literally had NO money to pay for petrol or the train or a hotel and were facing the prospect of missing Rob in our own country! I got people praying (thanks Julie, Lydia, Don and Pete!) and although we had to miss last night we've managed to scrape together the money to get down to Eastbourne (it's about a 4 hour drive).

I must admit it's still a struggle to go because I am trusting my car (which since I overturned it is rather untrustworthy) and the loss of earnings (I could be working a night shift) and just time in travel. But when you look at the awesome benefits of going - it's NO sacrifice at all! Firstly Pete texted me with what I believe is a prophetic statement of what awaits us in Eastbourne;

"Florida and Hong Kong are coming to Eastbourne".

It's not just a conceptual speaker or a theologian! Rob carries such an awesome anointing with his ministry and what I love is that you don't quite know what will happen! There will probably be healings, there may be other manifestations of the Spirit like gold dust - but above all he carries with him the Manifest Presence of God. I KNOW that I KNOW God will be in that place. How do I know? Well Pete was there last night at the first meeting and texted me this;

"It was awesome! Rob concentrated probably all this year's grace messages into one message. He then prayed for condemnation to be broken and the glory of God to come. There was a real weight of God - loads were laughing for joy. He then called the young people forward and all these trendy guys and girls were totally drunk. He prayed for healing and 24 people raised their hands to say that they had been healed. There was only time for one testimony - a young woman who could barely hold her baby due to arthritis now free from pain".

Secondly why are we going? There aren't still many places in the United Kingdom where you cn go with real faith for healing. Scott has been crippled over the last two weeks with a back problem as well as his on-going eczma and we are believing he will see healing just from being in the glory cloud! I've also got some stuff I would love God to touch. So ... I can't promise word for word transcripts from my notes because I hope to be drunk and lying on the floor! But I will publish a full report with pictures, video clips if I can and what happens! And an interview with Scott if he gets healed! Sorry ... WHEN he gets healed!


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Peter Day said...

Just to give a bit more detail about the healing (I couldn't fit everything into a text) - the young woman said she'd had arthritis in her arm, shoulder and spine. It was so severe that every morning her husband had to go to work late because for the first two hours of each day, she was unable to hold her baby at all.

As she stood in front of the meeting she had COMPLETE mobility of her arm and neck and NO PAIN!!

She also asked for prayer for kidney disease. She was prayed for by the whole gathering. Obviously that can't be verified yet, but if you read this - let's pray for a mighty miracle here too, to the glory of God!

Anonymous said...

thank God! I was praying for revival in my hometown for ages... love y'all