Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rob Rufus on Condemnation and Glory

Rob has made a connection between the effects of condemnation on our lives and the relating Presence of glory. I wonder where many of us register?

"To the measure you get rid of guilt, to that measure you will increase in the glory over your life. Much guilt = very little supernatural glory Presence over your life. Little guilt = much glory and supernatural open heaven Presence over your life. NO guilt = FULL New Covenant manifest glory to do the works that Jesus did and greater works over the life of the priesthood of the whole Church"

- Rob Rufus - "Fully Free From Guilt In Order To Be Fully Covered By The Glory" - City Church International, Hong Kong.

Why have we allowed ourselves to "religious-ise" condemnation and guilt as an acceptable thing and dress it up and call it "humility"?

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Peter Day said...

This is so key. Condemnation robs us of the reality of new covenant experience. We can draw near with total confidence and full assurance of faith and we can be drenched in the glory and we can be world-changers!