Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Such Hunger!! And it's getting GREATER!!

I'm so glad I'm not alone! I wrote in my last post earlier today about the fear of losing revival - the fear of losing the fire of God, the power of God (and it hasn't even come in full blown flood yet here!). But then we turned on God TV and tuned in to what was happening in the Florida Outpouring and I caught Todd Bentley saying this;

As we were watching and getting so caught up in what was happening in Florida, I noted that there is a difference to the two outpourings I have heard about in my lifetime. I stand to be corrected - but I don't remember hearing such an emphasis on global evangelism and about the fire of God covering the world in the Toronto Blessing and the Brownsville Revival. I am staggered, amazed and excited at Todd Bentley's passion to see this revival not constrained to his ministry and his locality - but to reach the uttermost parts of the ends of the earth. It's not just about the people of God having a cozy little experience time (although that's perfectly valid) - it's about the LOST hearing and seeing the power of God unveiled! In the second video clip I had to put up, Todd said something I absolutely LOVED (It reminded me of Psalm 2; "Ask of Me and I will give You the nations")!! He said;

"Where's my Middle East Countries? Bring me my Middle East Countries!".

I want to mention how I noticed Todd's ministry technique (if you can call it that) so impressed me. I know a number have mentioned discomfort with thinking they saw him push people. This clip I captured I think will make you agree that there's no pushing involved here. The weight and heaviness of the glory of God made no pushing necessary! As you will see - he literally simply touches them and they flew backwards into the floor! Just as a side-note; I wonder if people have to start trying to push people over when they sense the anointing is not quite as strong as it was?

One final thing I just witnessed. They brought a man who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease for 8 and a half years and was showing NO signs of shaking at all! Todd Bentley said something rather odd to him - he said; "Look into my eyes - look into my eyes". The camera happened to show the man's eyes and Todd said; "You demon of infirmity - I command you to GO in Jesus Name". For a split second, I am sure that the man's eyes went fixed and dilated and angry. I am pretty sure the demon was manifesting just before the man's eyes went peaceful and closed and he collapsed on the floor. Demons? Sickness? It certainly makes sense.

"Hungry I come to You for I know Your arms are open wide - I am weary but I know Your love does not run dry. So I'll wait for You - I'll wait for You. I'm falling on my knees, offering all of Me. Jesus You're ALL this heart is living for!".


Jon Sidnell said...

Awesome stuff!! I'm gonna have to try and catch some of this on God TV!

It's exciting to see God on the move, and my faith is rising to see it on these shores too!

Dan Bowen said...

Hey Jon!

Great to hear from you and thanks for leaving a comment - I really really love hearing from someone who does read the blog and even more particularly when they have a blog too I can add to my blogroll to read! It is so awesome and exciting! And like yourself - my faith is rising to see God coming on the horizon to these shores too (although I suspect He is already here!). I caught a snatch of the UK guys in Florida receiving a mighty impartation to bring back!!

May God bless you richly!