Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why Go to Conferences ... ?

Sorry for the delay in blogging. I've just worked an almost 36 hour shift with no break due to a bed crisis (I'm pretty sure the European thingy on health would have something to say!). But I'm back. I woke up this afternoon from a night shift feeling DRUNK. I tottered out of my bedroom just loving the manifest Presence of God filling the flat. Ephesians has got a point. Who needs wine?! Anyway I have got so much of Rob's ministry that I am trying to transcribe I am suffering from overload.

Here's the quote I wanted to post:

"How many of you are so sick and tired about people speaking about kingdom and theology and church and church pattern and principles of the Kingdom and yet you never feel the honey of heaven on their words or that they have just come from the realm of glory and there is deep intimate love because they know Jesus better than they know another human being on the planet?".

For all the criticism and the flack that Rob may take (I've had a few emails expressing horror at the "Fire!" video I posted!) you cannot deny that this is a man who is passionately in love with his Jesus Christ. And he may not be lecturing on "Church Growth" or "Cell" or "Planting Churches" but I would cross oceans to touch his heart because there's something contageous about his love for Jesus Christ. You come away thinking; "Wow ...". Surely that's the point of any conference ... and indeed local church as Janelle pointed out so well.


07000intune said...

Great blogs. As you makes you think what new things can be done through blogs! I got Peter Stott to look at the fire clip. He was thrilled.He raced up to Dudley after our Conference.Christine emailed him whether he could tell the difference between tongues and the Dudley accent.That's so near you!! One of the Chichester pastors just came back from Florida. He was there for the greater sense of the Glory...a sort of change of gear. It's his daughter in our church who is on the way to being a Josh Mills, she's called Helen Rubio. Every year she is given the task of "earthing the glory message".Well this year she made the point made back in the 80s by the IMA crew, that you can only go so far in the vertical glory, without then having to go deeper with God "earthing His glory in us". But the great thing about this present climate of " deeper " it won't be heavy treacle any more..Why??? Because twinned with it is the grace message that Rob preaches. For the first time in nearly 2000 years of Body stuff...I think it is dawning everywhere.It's not by works.It's not by works. Since Luther we've seen that getting to heaven wasn't by works. We've seen you certainly don't get the Spirit inundations by works...including the more recent stronger glory manifestations. But do you know the best news yet??? You don't get the 3rd stage of growth, that is I John's Father stage...knowing Him who is from the beginning.You don't get that by works either!!!So even we can get that one as well!!!Knowing is a verb of Intimacy, where God's life literally fuses in practice with our life...and again it is by faith not by works. One day Ern Baxter told us about Mary's response to the angel...How can these things be Lord? How are You going to birth the Christ child in me? The answer was The Holy Spirit will overshadow you. All she had to do was allow it. So under a heavy anointing, with not a sound in the crowd,Ern got us to say to the Lord, " Be it unto me according to Your Spirit". It was awesome.

07000intune said...

God has been pouring loads of stuff into my heart over the last few working days. Something has cristallised tonight regarding Florida. The evangelism training and also John and Carol Arnott. When the Holy Spirit used two people prophetically in 1972 to organise a training day for us on April 6th in my friend Rachel's home in Bucks...this is how He did it. The whole of the morning training was on evangelism. The first bit of the afternoon was on the baptism in the Holy Spirit from scriptures and testimony, and at 4pm those that wanted prayer were prayed for. Is this a divine pattern? It puts the Fire of the Holy Ghost into context.
Secondly, regarding Florida. It is like God is saying, what we think is revival in Lakeland, is still only God collecting the 120 together in the Upper room. The appearance of John and Carol is like the representation of all the previous streams and networks worldwide positioning ourselves like in the Book of Acts. The only difference being this is not Pentecost. This is not just revival.
This is as Rob Rufus has categorically stated, I believe by the Lord, this is something totally new. Just as 1907 heralded a new Pentecostal dispensation worldwide. This is actually what a lot of us have been straining on tiptoe for...This is the Party to end all parties...this is the Feast of Tabernacles dispensation. And just as The Jewish Feast is in sections, there are several parts to this global outpouring. All that we have experienced thus far is the Feast of Trumpets...just to get our attention. Then there is the Day of Atonement...then there is the celebration of the pouring of the water, then a joyous feast of the Great Ingathering! Our church have not been taught about these things, so all the more remarkable that sovereignly by the Spirit one brother had a Feast of Trumpets anointing on his trumpet last Friday at the conference, while a sister danced a prophetic dance at the same time of The Commander of The Lord of Hosts commanding the attention of the Assembly....and I believe that marks the first Florida stage. Brethren, this is a lot bigger than we could possibly imagine. Never before in history, have we had the technological means to literally stand together globally in a Psalm 133 setting of unity, to await a supernatural enduement from on high , to fulfil the calling in of the Gentiles in unimaginably large numbers.In 1978 I had a very strong Word come to me as I was in a 12 seater aeroplane waiting to lift off.Up until now I have only related it with the time period between then and now. Today I also related it with Florida itself. The pilot went through 3 prophetic phases before lift off. The first 2 seemed to take an age. Phase 1. He spent ages fastening himself in, checking and re-checking all the dials, switches and levers in the cockpit.You can see it all on a 12 seater. Phase 2. The engines are revved faster and faster and faster, but still nothing actually happens. Then, when you think nothing will ever happen, phase 3 is when he effortlessly removes the brake!!! And the plane feels like it is catapulted into the air. At which point the Body of Christ will fly like it has never flown...full of the very glory of God.

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