Friday, May 02, 2008

Raising the Dead on our Agenda ... NOW!!

I must admit that when Rob Rufus made this awesome statement that we are to expect the dead to be raised in Brighton - my heart couldn't quite grasp it! But tonight Scott and I were glued to God TV as is our practice this week - and I watched this amazing clip. A woman came running up to the stage crying out that their worship leader had died 45 minutes ago! Todd Bentley wasn't phased. Here's what happened:

I found myself crying and joining in with the prayers! I've been a Christian since I was 10 and I can honestly say - I have NEVER EVER prayed for someone to be raised from the dead! What awesome days in which we live! My friend Don told me that apparantly tonight is a "Children's Anointing" night in Lakeland. This particularly grips my heart as a children's nurse. I've seen quite a few children come up on stage and testify and demonstrate God's healing in their lives and be touched by the power of God. I said to Scott;

"God is bypassing the unbelieving church and enrolling the children in His Kingdom work!".

Read what this 5 year old boy said to Todd Bentley! A 10 year old boy was healed yesterday and Todd prophesied over him that he would go into miracle work. He came back and he and his mum testified that he laid hands on his dad who was deaf in one ear - the doctors had stated it was impossible to be cured - and the ear popped open! Todd asked the 10 year old boy how he felt - and I LOVED the fact that it was NO BIG DEAL to the child! The children are overtaking us! Let's not be left out! God won't wait! There's a world to be won for His glory and He will use WHOEVER is willing!


revived in florida said...

I was ther that night!! I loved what Todd said just before your clip began - he said; "45 minutes!? We've got a fresh one here!!". Let's not be phased by the time of how long they have been dead. REmember the disciples said to Jesus about Lazarus; "Lord! He stinketh!".

Dan Bowen said...

Hi Revived in Florida! Great to hear you have actually been there! Like Amanda, who has written a testimony on this blog you are more than welcome to email me with any thing you would like to share - and I would love to publish it for you! We are totally 100% open to what God is doing in Florida and are desperately hungry to receive!