Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Signs and Wonders in Lakeland, Florida!!

We've just been glued to God TV tonight - the sense of tangible anointing on that meeting was almost as strong as last night when I walked home listening to Ryan and Kylie's "Impartation Meeting After Florida Trip". And while I'm so grateful to God that the Holy Spirit allows me to sense a taste of what's going on in Hong Kong and Florida respectively, it makes me so much more desperately hungry that God should come and pass us by ... here! In the United Kingdom! But there were two incredible things I managed to catch on video from Lakeland!

The first was a clip that shows two people near the end of the clip that are OUT of wheelchairs and WALKING!! Let me just make a note to cynics watching. You will see two men supporting the first guy who is walking and it maybe that you think; "Oh they are dragging him and making him walk". I have had countless experiences of helping someone of that size out of a wheelchair and I can guarantee you 100% as a nurse that they were not "making" him walk. Someone of that size would need at least an arm linked right up to their armpit and far more effort on the part of those supporting. Those two men were simply there to support him. There was no chance they could move their feet! But ... they ... DID! This is happening! Here in 2008! We both looked at each other with tears rolling down our faces because God is healing people!

The second clip was so thrilling to me. I mentioned in the last post of how thrilled I am that Todd Bentley seems to share Rob Rufus's and Ern Baxter's eschatology - their belief that the glory of God MUST cover the earth as the waters cover the sea as the Scriptures promise. And this revival seems to be different from Toronto and Brownsville (I'm waiting to be corrected) in that there is a definite missional edge to this. Todd Bentley WANTS this to go to the nations!! So he called up people from the Middle East (mentioning Dubai) to be prayed for and demonstrated such a heart for the fire of God to sweep through every nation.

These video clips just act for me as "fire-starters". Life does bring trials and tribulations and persecutions of all kinds and it's all relative to us and what we are going through but these video clips remind me that God is absolutely eager and ready and willing to come "rushing like a mighty flood" and demonstrate and reveal His power! These video clips keep me hoping that I'm going to see Scott's eczma condition and his bad back (of the last 2 weeks) is GOING to be healed! And the children at my hospice ARE going to stand up and walk out of the hospice healed and have to be told they can't come to the hospice anymore because they DON'T meet the criteria!!

More Lord! Come! We're so hungry for you! Don't pass us by!! Jesus, Son of David - have mercy on us!!


Don said...

This is simply getting more and more amazing, Dan! we were watching last night, and right before GOD TV went off the air, about 5 people were brought out of their wheelchairs -- we all got to watch the process of one lady being prayed for and her legs slowly responding!! GO GOD!!!

Now doesn't this begin to give you faith for your hospice!

Dan Bowen said...

Isn't it Don?! I was actually up until 02:30 and was SO glad that I did because they called up the guy from Dudley in Birmingham and got Bobby Connors and Bob Jones to impart a double anointing on him and prophesied about a firestorm coming to the UK!! He hit the deck but then Todd dragged him up and got him to go and lay hands on everyone from the UK! So he staggered down the aisle and everyone was just flying everywhere!!

It does indeed give such hope - such awesome excitement about what is going to happen!! I absolutely and honestly believe the hospice is going to be emptied out when the glory cloud falls over Birmingham!! I wept like a baby as I watched Todd so gently and lovingly lay his hands on a boy with cerebral palsy and autism and command that it GO! The boy slowly and gently sat down and looked as though an angel was lowering him!!

GO GOD!! (Haven't heard that before till last night!!)

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