Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hope For Those Who Don't Feel Like Super-Heroes

I wonder if anyone else feels such a mixture of emotions at the moment. I feel so tremendously excited and thrilled and hopeful at what is going on in Lakeland, Florida at the moment. God is pouring out His Spirit! I've seen healings on God TV that I never thought I would! Rob Rufus is sending Ryan and his wife to Florida to catch what is happening and take it back to Hong Kong! But at the same time I feel so consumed by desperation and fear that I will miss what's happening. I simply can't afford to fly to Florida although I believe God told me to take Pete and fly there! I've been believing in signs and wonders and miracles since Rob visited Brighton in 2006. But I've not seen any.

And then I was typing away and Rob said this at the Glory and Grace Conference in Dubai:

"God does not need my strength! He has got enough! He needs my weakness to perfect His strength in partnership with me.

In 2006 I went to Brighton to speak to 4, 500 leaders and they wanted me to speak on the miraculous and the morning I got up to fly to the UK from Hong Kong I was feverish and sick. Normally I am a healthy person. I could hardly walk I was so sick. By the time I was on the plane I knew I was into something serious. I had picked up some virus in Hong Kong and within the first day in Brighton, UK I knew I had something that could kill me. My bed was wet and I couldn't sleep. I was frightened of falling asleep that I wouldn't wake up alive. If I was an elderly person or a young person I would have died. Now I am going to speak to 4, 500 people on moving in the power of God! I don't take painkillers and don't like taking them but I was begging my wife to give them to me as fast as they could come!

I am just pathetic and disorientated. I can't cancel! They have paid NFI to go! I go in and think I will try and act - but that is hypocrisy. I got up and said; "The reason I am shaking is not the anointing - it is not because I have just given up heroin - it is because I have never been so sick in my life". So I come forward and lay my hands on you and I will give you what I have got! But you know just being honest about my state of weakness opened the hearts of those British people and I spoke from a place of weakness and confusion and trembling - and the power of God fell. Demons came out literally. Yes sophisticated British people do have demons! They came out with shrieks! The leadership of NFI were on the floor under the power of God. Terry Virgo himself was on the floor shaking under the power of God. I am just standing there thinking "God I am finished - I am so tired, I want to go to bed but I've got another session and I can hardly stand!". All through that time the power of God just got more and more and more. Healings!".

I don't know about anyone else but that's a concept I need to learn! GOD DOESN'T NEED MY STRENGTH!! Or my intelligence, or my blogging (!!!), or my prayers. He wants my weakness. And thank God - because if He did need my strength then He would be disappointed because at the moment I have none! Or I feel like I don't anyway! But His wonderful power that raised Jesus from the dead is perfected in weakness. So if anyone else feels weak too today - then let's get excited! We are far from discounted for use in the Kingdom! It's the perfect place to look and see the power of God fall!

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