Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Day of Impartation in Lakeland Florida!!

Pete and I have had an incredible time watching the live streaming on God TV - God is so powerfully still healing people and this thing shows no signs of waning! I am actually reluctant to call it a "Revival" because of a prophecy given by a man from City Church International in Hong Kong that fits very much what Rob himself prophesied - this is a new atmosphere! A new climate! History is truly in the making.

The streaming we were watching was from the night when Paul Cain visited the revival. Do you remember I posted Paul Cain's prophecy from years ago - which (in my view) was a step towards fulfilment when the Lakeland Outpouring moved into the stadium? Well Todd Bentley had the exact prophecy played over the audio speakers just prior to Paul Cain coming up to speak to the thousands. Here's a clip of it - the video ends focusing on Paul who was sitting on the platform:

Here's a brief summary of what Paul Cain brought to the gathered thousands (thanks to Pete for being my faithful scribe!). He said;

"Whenever I look into Todd's eyes - I have never seen such a clean soul ...
The manifestations our part of my anointing. They will offend the heart of man who will not take the revival ... Hospital morgues will be emptied out ... All the stadiums will be filled with people on their faces worshipping God ... Will see people pressing forward. Evangelism will never be easier. Wholesale household salvation. Whole cities saved in a night. Even a whole nation in a day ... This is the end time revival prophesied by the prophets of old ... Todd is only heralding that message and revealing that it is to be the nameless and faceless ... If you don't defend yourself, I will raise someone up to defend you. Who would have thought it would be Todd Bentley".

Paul then prophesied over Jim Goll: "Dream - in front of unusual computer screen. I was going to give u a gift that came out of the screen... I number of years ago in 80s ur hearts were broken, scar tissue in ur hearts, cancers came, people scarred u 4 life. God showed me where ur scars were. And said 'only My Son can heal scar tissue.' If it were not 4 this night one of you would not be here ... in one year. "

He then turned to the camera and also speaks to Goll's wife. "Inappropriate prophecy is anhiliated now. This thing will be smitten and God will add some years to your life. Pray for James and Anne. Now praying for them. Removing the scars. Breaking the spirit of betrayal".

Paul then asked Todd if he could minister; "if God is still with him". Todd says "God is still with you". Paul Cain says 7 have diabetes. And that all 7 will be healed tonight!

Todd says the atmosphere changed in the arena when Paul Cain walked onto the platform.
Paul received the vision in central florida, and now it is happening. Paul asked to pray a father's blessing over the meeting - the seeds of healing in his heart from the 40s. Paul thanks God he has seen the beginnings of what he saw prophetically. Says he has met the new breed.

The angel of the Lord said to him "You have found what you were looking for." He has found Nathaniel in whom is no guile - in Todd Bentley. He wants to bless this. And to transfer and give to his brother everything that God ever deposited into Paul's life - everything Paul couldn't give away - he gives to Todd. A transfer of anointing.

Says that about 300 people having different heart problems being healed. Mass healings of every kind of heart trouble there is.

Todd himself then began to speak;

"Drink - drink - drink!! It's no fun to just watch and not participate! You've got to stay in the glory! ... I prophesied over 10 pastors from Ireland that a healing revival would break out. Something is happening! Pastor Brian called me from Belfast and they are in revival now! They are seeing miracles every night!

There was a child who died in a hospital and was dead for 15 minutes. The father called Pastor Brian who prayed and the child came back to LIFE and had NO BRAIN DAMAGE!! That is the second resurrection from the dead we have had! Dudley in Birmingham (UK) is going into it's second week of extended meetings! It is happening in Morningstar with Rick Joyner! This is contageous and it has only JUST BEGUN! GOD IS RELEASING HOT FIERY COALS OF REVIVAL! Resurrection from the dead will become a daily occurence!".

Janelle and Jesse - this one is for you! Todd asked;

"Orlando Florida - where are you!? You have to come! The fire is going to break out in Orlando!!".

Let's go on eagerly watching and hungering! God is coming! And if you can get to Lakeland, Florida - then for the love of God please go! At least go and see! Let's be excited! Prayer is being fulfilled! God is hearing the prayers of many decades! And as Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones said; "The Christian church would have been dead and finished centuries ago and many times over were it not for Revivals" - it looks like God is turning up to save His Church and make His Bride beautiful again!


SGM Pastors Wife said...

Are they actual clouds of glory hovering over Todd and Paul in your last photo?!?!!? Wowww!!

Revived in Florida said...

Could be SGM P.W!! Could be!! It wouldn't surprise me!! :)

jul said...

Dan, last night we were watching because we thought Ryan and Kylie might be there by then, and Todd said someone just flew in from China, come down here! And 2 people came forward and said they just flew in from Hong Kong, did you see that??? We couldn't tell for sure if it was them, but we were so excited to see it! Don called us for a minute right after too, to see if we knew if it was them. We couldn't see, I think they were on the floor hahaha!

AmandaW said...

A lady I know who must be well into her 80's called me on Friday morning early and said she had a CD she wanted me to hear -that having read my report on my trip to Lakeland which someone had shared with her, she thought i was "ready" for such deep teaching. [she didn't know about Life ON Wings introducing so many of us to Ern via the web...yay Dan]It is Ern Baxter's message "Thy Kingdom Come" from the Kansas City conf in '75. Exciting to hear his words in light of what we are seeing and what Paul Cain spoke. What a blessing for Paul to be able to be there in Lakeland w/Todd...God is so kind!

I had a vision. In a vision, I saw the earth as the astronauts pictured it from the moon. It was an orb out in space, and all over that orb were Quonset huts....I saw Quonset huts all over the globe and they were all the same size.

I said, "God - what's this?". He replied, "I am going to have in every place, a people that are known for the anointing"...."And when you travel from place to place, you will not ask for My people by this name or that name, but you will say 'Where are the People of the Anointing'?"...it is my firm belief that as His Kingdom comes, we're going to see coming out of this renewal and restoration that thing that God has intended. In every communicable area there will be a community of men and women that are flowing in the anointing. And that anointing is the kingly authority of our Sovereign.

God's people are going to start to exercise rule and they're going to take dominion over the power of Satan. They're going to bring diabolical princes down. The dark powers that hover over the Parliament buildings of the nations are going to be paralysed by the corporate prayer of an authorative community.
there's going to be an ultimate anointing that is going to take us to Zion - and Zion is the ultimate place of God's glory. It's of Zion that we sing about when you sing Psalm 48, "It's the joy of the whole earth".


Dan Bowen said...


"And 2 people came forward and said they just flew in from Hong Kong, did you see that??? We couldn't tell for sure if it was them, but we were so excited to see it!"

Awwwwwww wow - I don't know, I didn't see that bit but the odds of 2 people flying in from Hong Kong - surely it must be?!! I have been praying so so much for Ryan and Kylie that they will carry not just a double anointing but a TRIPLE anointing back to Hong Kong. That anointing is going to set the whole of China ablaze with the glory of God - I can just feel it!! And so Lord whatever that dear couple are doing, wherever they are would You fall upon them NOW and plunge them into the glory realm?!!? BAM!! ;)


Wow - thanks SO much for reminding me of that incredible prophecy - I can't BELIEVE I didn't join the dots and remember it!! That was one of the very few times Ern prophesied and it was recorded - and it was so powerful! And you are right - it is being answered and realised and seen in OUR day!! Denominational lines are blurring!! The anointing is falling!! "Thy Kingdom Come" is my most favourite message of Ern Baxter's ever and I want him to preach it to me when I get to heaven. Just me. ;)

janelle said...

Oh man, let it be!!!!

Jesse P. said...


I have been hearing about this revival that is happening in Lakeland. I appreciate your reports about what has been going on so far. Several months ago I prophesied in a small setting at our church about a great blessing that would come to Orlando, and that there would be 3 summers of revival before a greater outbreak for us...

Here it is at the outset of summer and God seems to be stirring folks up...

Dan Bowen said...

Wow Jesse WOWW!! This is so exciting and awesome!! So your prophecy adds to the weight of all the others suggesting that the prophets are indeed seeing this coming. But what excites me and thrills me the most is that this outpouring may just be the first prelude to a massive, major outpouring yet to come (I think I read that right!?) .... WOWWW!!