Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rob Rufus's MOST Important Sermon Ever?!

I was interested and excited to get this email from Ryan Rufus - Rob Rufus's son and fellow elder - in City Church International in Hong Kong (by the way I highly recommend the new City Church International website here) today.

"My father Rob Rufus preached probably the most important message of his life last Sunday (9 May). He presented a Biblical defense for the gospel of grace and took on 5 accusations that have been made against him and those who believe in this gospel. It's probably the best I've ever heard him preach and was powerful, authoritative and compelling. This message will bring such encouragement and empowerment to those around the world standing for this message and facing persecution for it! I would like to encourage as many people to have a listen and then please please please send the link on to everyone you know that would benefit from this message.

People will either get sad, mad or incredibly glad when they hear this truth.

Follow the link below to listen or download:

"A Defense of the Gospel of Grace. (Rob Rufus' response to 5 accusations made against him)".

Also, Anneline Breetzke recently wrote a powerful song called 'Grace Revolution'. She sang it on Sunday. You'll be truly blessed by this! Click the link below to listen:


We'd also just like to encourage all of you who are preaching this gospel of pure grace to keep going for it! You have our support and we know we have yours. Lets stand together in His grace and continue to be bold with this message no matter what we face or go through! It's all worth it for millions around the world are coming into freedom.

God bless

I haven't heard the sermon yet - but it will definately be next on my list to transcribe. I wonder how you and I will react to this sermon. Will we get sad, mad or incredibly glad?!


Jon Sidnell said...

I listened to it this morning, and I think I fell into the very glad camp :)

It was great to hear such a lengthy and passionate defence of the gospel, getting into the nitty gritty detail of how people breathe against the gospel in the church-world, and how the Bible has answers for them all!

I'm going to listen to it again when I'm not working, 'cos I know there'll be a lot of stuff I missed.

Not sure I agree with it being his MOST important ever, but I think in terms of ensuring this grace revolution that's going on doesn't get destroyed by the legalists and religious scholars, it's definitely up there. It had a definite 2 Corinthians and Galatians feel to it, with Rob defending himself and the gospel against the lies and rumours people spread.

Definitely worth a listen!

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks for the review Jon - great to read the thoughts of someone listening to the same message as me!

I think I agree with your comment; "Most important?". I think Rob is at his glorious best when he is preaching the gospel of grace. As I have heard him at Glory and Grace etc. But this defence is necessary and vital - maybe this is the most vitally timely message at this point in time.