Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ern Baxter and Rob Rufus - Celebrating Connections!!

I was absolutely thrilled to receive an email from Steve Schroeder - President of Christian Ministers Association in Vancouver, Canada - who is hosting a conference this week with Rob Rufus as the keynote speaker.

I trust those of you who read here frequently know by now that I don't dare to think highly of myself. I write assuming no one will read here - it's more for my benefit. So to hear that some of my transcripts meant that a major leader developed my love and appreciation for Rob Rufus and has in fact enabled Rob to go to a conference in Canada (where he's never been before) to minister to them - just THRILLED me! My only ache is that the Lord would release the finances for me and Pete Day to go to these events! Or release finances to pay for Rob to come back to the UK!

Until that time - its great to follow this.

The key connection here is my two major heroes - Ern Baxter and Rob Rufus. Steve and his leadership team have been actual spiritual sons of Ern himself. Yet have sensed that Rob Rufus has so much to offer them. I earnestly believe there is so much similarity between Ern and Rob's ministries - yet so much difference too. The combination of great Kingdom themes - wow!

Here's the email;


TO: Dan Bowen
Message flagged Monday, 17 October 2011, 2:02

Hi Dan

Just a note to say that your great work on honoring Ern Baxter had caught my eye some years ago. I had contacted you once before regarding some of Erns material that we have here in Canada. Ern was my Fathers pastor and mentor. We knew him well. He was also the Father to our ministerial fellowship here in Canada.

As a result of my cruising your site I connected with Rob and Glenda. Tomorrow night and for the next three days they are ministering to our group of leaders from across Canada. It is his first visit to our Nation. We are anticipating a powerful time together.

You are part of this great connection. Thank you for your faithfulness. I will be posting the sessions on our web site after the convention is over. You can access them at Canadacma.org.

I will send another note when we conclude.

Deepest blessings from Canada

Steve Schroeder
Christian Ministers Association Canada

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