Friday, June 24, 2005

Dan Bowen's Bookmarks

Anyone familiar with the internet and more particularly Reformed theology will have come across Phil Johnson's Bookmarks. He runs the outstanding Spurgeon Archive website ( but also has compiled this huge list of websites that he likes and doesn't with his own commentary on them.

I've grumbled for ages that charismatics seem far inferior to Reformed men in terms of research and delving into things so here is my beginnings at "Dan's Bookmarks" - websites that I like and don't. The same rules apply as Phil's.

1. Those I Adore :) - the home of "Enjoying God Ministries" and Dr Sam Storms. I've raved about this man and his ministry in my previous blog so read all. It's an excellent website brimming with theological gold nuggets - highly commendable. - the home of Dr John Piper. Once again an outstanding website (although I still prefer Sam Storms). John is singular in his passion - that of the name of the site. The site bookstore outstrips Storms and Piper offers his entire catalogued ministry of sermon texts online and Scripturally indexed as well .... yum! - the blog website of Justin Taylor (John Piper's theologial assistant). What a man! You can see the fatherhood of Piper coming out in his writings. The best blog online so far. - the home of New Frontiers (founded and fathered by Terry Virgo). This is the family of churches I ally myself with (and go to one of the church plants). Their mission is Word and Spirit - fiercly honouring the Word of God but passionately welcoming the Holy Spirit. They used to run the heavenly Stoneleigh Bible Weeks and now host the Brighton Conference - touches of heaven. The website has their magazine online - worth reading - there are some excellent articles and now has a shop online. - the heavenly Church of Christ the King in Brighton, UK. Pastored by Pete Brooks (the most passionate pastor I've ever come across) and boasting an eldership/preaching team of Terry Virgo, John Hosier, Dave Fellingham and Nigel Ring to name a few - to go to this church is almost as good as being at Stoneleigh itself. The website is being revamped as at present, but was an awesome resource with all their sermons online. - Charles Simpson Ministries and more particularly the home of the Ern Baxter Memorial Library. There is a link to the complete catalogue of Ern Baxter's entire library ... wow oh wow. My aim and my goal! - my good friend Mark Heath's home webpage. An excellent site with his blog (book reviews and comments on contemporary theological issues), also some of his writings and his interests in music. - the mentioned Spurgeon Archive. For those who don't possess the entire Metropolitan Tabernacle series in book form (I'm still collecting) or have the CD ROM, this is the best place online to come and read the dew-like, honey soaked words of the awesome preacher himself. - the awesomely talented and beautiful worship leader Kate Simmonds. This woman is truly outstanding. Have never been lead to the throne of grace and glory more closely and more passionately than when under her worship leading. She is living proof that those who don't believe in women worship leaders are slightly ... mad. Her website has got a great resource in her worship notes - an amazing resource for those who want to learn more about worshipping God and leading others in it. - Hillsongs Church, Sydney - the home of Darlene Zschech. Concerns about health, wealth aside - God is truly touching these people. Each of Darlene's worship videos bring a touch of heaven and are just breathtaking to watch. You can sense the Presence of God through them and makes you long to be there. - Former Ministers: Campbell Morgan, Lloyd-Jones and Kendall and now Haslam. You truly feel you are on holy ground at this place. Recently hosted the "Preach the Word Conference" - a fantastic resource in this ministry-training starved age. Amazing things happening! - This is what Dr R T Kendall is upto these days. - The Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recording Trust. They barely made it into this list by the skin of their teeth. While I passionately adore and love the writings of the Doctor as well as the great tape ministry they offer, the site unfortunately is somewhat tacky. Much improvement needed (oh how often did THAT comment appear on my school reports!) Also unfortunate is their many links to the FIEC ... more of THEM to follow. - Proof that yes, Charismatics DO like hymns - just not the traversty of a "Praise!" hymn book. This advertises the "Our Own Hymn Book" edited by C H Spurgeon, and the best hymn book I think around to date. It beats Christian hymns by a whisker.

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