Monday, June 20, 2005

So ... day 1 of my attempt at "blogging".

The motivation came from reading two absolutely excellent blogs ... the first was Justin Taylor's. He is John Piper's theological assistant (oh how I struggle with the sin of envy) and his blog is called "Between Two Worlds". It's such a stimulating and exciting read! Well worth a visit at: The second is my good friend Mark Heath's. He's a childhood friend and is very similar in theological outlook and shares exactly the same theological passions and interests. (Although I suspect he is a little more 'sound' than I). His blog can be found at:

So why me? Revelation 1:19 has become an extremely key text in my life experience recently. C H Spurgeon wrote that "we are not permitted to see for the charming of our eyes alone ... we must ... write what we see". I have seen much. Someday I might follow Mark's example and share my testimony ( for I stand in awe at what God has allowed me to experience. I have seen much ... therefore I want to write. To share. To ponder. To wonder.

I don't have a clue how this will turn out - but it's an exciting new venture!!


joyfullydia said...

I just wanted to see when you officially began your blog - congrats on 3 years and going strong, did you ever think it would turn out as it has!!!

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks joyfullylydia!!

The answer to your question is - never, ever, ever!!


I have made some wonderful wonderful friends through this which far outweigh the enemies who take a dislike to me having a voice and not being afraid to use it!

lydia joy said...

Heehee oops I have an alternate blog personality.....

Anyway, I just believe so much that God is going to bring an increase to this blog, this blog is going to spread across the nations and be a beacon spreading and lighting fires that will only spread more and they will not be able to be extinguished - Get ready for the heat to turn up!!!!! Glory!