Thursday, July 21, 2005

"At Dawn ... Look to the East".

I promised that there would be a forthcoming "50 Most Influential Churches in the UK" list. I'm upto about church 30. It's quite an interesting yet sobering task because I found that what I consider to be influential is quite different from the official USA one. My criteria were the following:

1. As close a resemblence to New Testament principles as possible.
2. A Senior Pastor with a significant ministry. (i.e - written a book(s)).
3. Church Planting - the church is seen as an "Antioch" church.
4. Church Building - place of meeting. I don't like this as a factor, but unfortunately it does have to register.
5. Size - I don't like this particularly either because I believe that we were sent to "Go and make DISCIPLES". Not converts. However it is a fact that the larger the church, the more the world takes notice.

So again, the list will be out soon!

See, What a Morning!

I've been an avid "Resurrectionist" since my SGM experience, and have been amazed that this isn't a new problem (i.e people iconizing the Cross). My historical hero Dr Ern Baxter preached a two-part series on the Resurrection - once at Life in the Spirit Conference 1991. I will be making those available soon on the blog.

The other discovery was an awesome sermon by Dr John Piper called; "Six Gifts of the Resurrection". It did my soul good to read it! Christ IS risen!!

Conference Time Again!

Two conferences to watch out for in the next year or so. Also from Desiring God, their national conference has been planned and speakers organised. Firstly it was Jonathan Edwards, secondly it was Sex and the Supremacy of Christ and now it is going to be Suffering and the S0vereignity of God - October 2005.

Once again Piper never fails to delve in deeply and once again I am sure my budget won't let me go, so we will watch and wait and look forward to the outstanding CD set that I am sure will be coming. And also maybe the book? Particularly note that there will be an interview with Piper on the first night - as my hero Pete Cockrell would say; "This will scratch where I itch!".

The second conference will be in September 2006 - yes, Darlene Zschech is COMING TO LONDON!! How excited am I! - it is hosted by the Hillsong Church in London and will be quite an event I have no doubt. I've already signed up!

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