Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bradley Stoke ... Cross road to the Nations?!!??!

Its been QUITE a week!! Still very much in the glorious throes of Brighton Leader's Conference I've been spending lots of time in prayer and reflection about the area in which I am so blessed to be living. I received quite a powerful picture relating to the geographical location where we live. I realised that the M4 motorway passes right by us and that motorway cuts the nation in half. Wales to London. The M5 intersects it and goes north. Exeter to Birmingham. And I really felt God beginning to stir me. That if a volcano errupts in an area it will follow the paths of least resistance. I really believe that if God errupts in volcanic activity in Bradley Stoke then the shockwaves will flow up the nation and down and across. We could touch a nation!!

The Church!! The Hope of the World!!

I went to the Bradley Stoke New Frontiers Church today for the first time. Wowwwwww ............ God was SO powerfully active and manifest!! I actually found it an intimidating and scary experience and almost impossible to walk in the front door. All the fears and hurts from the past came flooding back. I was about to walk home in defeat but they had the back doors onto the park open so I wandered around and sat on the grass and listened into the worship. What a people!! They sang some of my favourites: "Salvation Belongs to Our God". The gifts of the Spiritt were awesomely manifest, I heard someone speak in tongues and it interpreted. Some prophetic words were spoken out and the singing in the Spirit was glorious!! But I was "got!". I thought I was safe out on the grass and an amazing young guy came out and came and sat and chatted. I shared parts of my testimony and he was so amazingly unjudgemental and accepting. I shared my passion to get involved in the local church and he dragged me (almost literally) in to meet some of the people!! Before I knew it, I was giving my phone number to a cell leader and promising to be back next Sunday!! I walked home somewhat in a daze .... God is so good!! So gracious!! And so on my case!!

A Book Review.

Not wanting to allow this blog to become flooded with the subjective, I do want to strongly recommend a book that I have recently finished. It is called "Christ's Radiant Church" by John Hosier - recently produced for the Leaders Conference in Brighton. It is available from:

My summary is that this book is the nearest that New Frontiers have ever got to producing their own Systematic Theology. Hosier covers the following chapters:

God’s ultimate purpose - Restoration.
God’s wisdom displayed to the world
Saved to belong
Given to Christ
Sent to serve
Overseers of the flock - Apostles Today
Lavish and undeserved- Grace
Death, burial, resurrection and celebration
Baptised by the Spirit
The overflow of our hearts
To bless the church
Passion and purpose
Treasure in heaven
Ordained by God
Building blocks
Equal but different
The expression of God’s will
Making the difference
Living in harmony
The King is on the throne

His style is easy to read and well understandable, yet the content is profound and many scholars will benefit from it. Hosier has no trouble interacting with men such as Grudem and Fee and in particular demonstrating their inconsistencies particularly with regard to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

It is my contention that New Frontiers will only be strengthened by this impressive contribution to the theological marketplace. No longer can they be sneered at as a charismatic fringe movement - history has spoken. Their combined passion for the Spirit of God and the Word of God as well as their avid commitment to mission makes them an impressive world force to be reckoned with in the Kingdom of God. And I am truly honoured and excited to be part of that!

Well recommended and suitable for most who want to be inspired and have their faith lifted.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Outstanding blog! I'm currently rediscovering the charismatic dimension to my "Reformed" theology (after a pretty bad experience of a "charismatic" church). Your blog has been so refreshing to me as I go through this process. Thank you.