Friday, October 14, 2005

My Heresies Are On-Line!!

They always say you can rely on your friends to bring you down to earth with a crash!! I've been spending my last night shift this week on Intensive Care pondering the Holy Spirit, His baptism and His gifts with Dr L-J as my guide and its just ..... heavenly.

Then I came across these few pages:

The bottom photo is me ... dancing exuberently with the rest of my apostolic team with the church that we lead. Yep, we even have our own website:

Signs, wonders and manifestations follow us. The first two pix are me preaching my first ever sermon. It was my own doing (I don't believe in plagarism of Americans) and I preached on Ezekiel 37 and the valley of dry bones. See I'm a true charismatic.

And as you see there is clearly a restoration of money in the mouth coming from photo 5.

And for those who have followed the links and are still wondering and need some reassurance before they go calling Morrison, MacArthur, Masters or any other heresy hunter ... these webpages are most definately tongue-in-cheek and I'm mortified that my picture is on the net in this manner!!

Time to go bury my head in a cup of Earl Grey to recover ...


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Luke Wood said...

Baxter's Boy, I am very much enjoying following your blog.

A tip off: visit where you will find an excellent sermon by the leader of my church, John Groves. It picks up on the prophetic analogy drawn by Ern Baxter 20-30 years ago about the church in this nation and indeed across the world. This is the same analogy Terry used at Brighton in 2004.

The context is a Newfrontiers regional celebration. Our region is called Wessex (led by Guy Miller, Bournemouth Family Church) which goes across the south coast from Dorchester and Weymouth on one side, to Portsmouth on the other.

I don't know if you are familiar with John, but he is the guy who has brought many of the words which have shaped us as a movement, "you can do more together than you can apart", "there are no well-worn paths ahead of you", "a game of two halves"...

I heard this sermon and thought of you... enjoy!