Monday, October 31, 2005

A Task Unfinished ...

This is my last post of the night shift before I retire gratefully home to my bed. I think at some point C J Mahaney preached on "Sleep" and the fact that it is a pure gift from God designed to humble us. I couldn't agree more and working nights makes it more so. Anyway ...

Luke's excellent expose of my recent post on "Biblical Equality": - reminded me that I have been side-tracked from my thoughts and musings on the question of biblical manhood and womanhood. Being side-tracked is something I do very easily, so I am grateful for that reminder.

Luke's point that my writing seemed to suggest that trusting one's leaders is a weakness was correct and I do apologise for leaving that impression. I think "blindly" trusting one's leader IS a weakness because surely that leaves the way wide open for the formation of cults, but yes - trusting a leader anointed by God is actually correct and godly. Yet at the same time, I still insist that we should be like the Bereans and "search the Scriptures daily to see if these things are so". If the Bereans did it with the teaching of the apostles, then so should we with our leaders today surely?

So as he pointed out, my musings are interesting because I come from the Newfrontiers family, and lest any suspect me of mutiny, I have found an excellent review (the work done for me!) of the egalitarian's answer to Gruem and Piper and it was in the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood's own journal. It is excellent and throughly comprehensive with articles by Tom Schriener and Justin Taylor ( among others. It can be found at:

Having said that, I still do think some questions are left unanswered that "Biblical Equality" raises and I hope to address those soon.

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