Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Books To Look Forward To in 2006!

Crossways's website gives hints of a few interesting books ... hurrah!

Dr Wayne Grudem is bringing out another book on "Evangelical Feminism - A New Path to Liberalism" - to be released September 12th 2006. Anyone who has worked their way through Grudem's "Feminism and Biblical Truth" will know that this is his specialist area and it will be sensitively yet powerfully written and well worth the money.

Dr J Ligon Duncan is bringing out a book on the 13th October 2006 entitled, "Misunderstanding Paul?: Responding to the New Perspective". Crossway summarise the book as; "Many Christians are puzzled by what is being called the "new perspective on Paul," which raises questions about the traditional understanding of the doctrine of justification. Dr. J. Ligon Duncan defines the issue, examines its background, and assesses its serious flaws. His treatment of the topic is both careful and concise". I must confess I haven't read much of Dr Duncan (nothing in print) and only a few of his blogs. But I have no doubt that he will deal with this important issue well, so will be adding that to my Christmas wish list!

And finally, John Piper and Justin Taylor haven't disappointed us, by bringing out in book format, "Suffering and the Sovereignty of God". I haven't heard all of the speakers from this conference yet, although I listened to Piper's previous conferences on Jonathan Edwards and Sex and the Supremacy of Christ so I have no doubt that this conference will be just as significant. Suffering is a tricky subject at the best of times and not one that particuarly Restorationist charismatics like to discuss.

Dr John Piper lays down the challenge in his opening address: "The church has not been spending its energy to go deep with the unfathomable God of the Bible. Against the overwhelming weight and seriousness of the Bible, much of the church is choosing, at this very moment, to become more light and shallow and entertainment-oriented, and therefore successful in its irrelevance to massive suffering and evil. The popular God of fun-church is simply too small and too affable to hold a hurricane in his hand. " We may not like what we read - but we must to know God better and to begin to experience the truth of the nearness of our discussions from yesterday.


Hugh Griffiths said...

Thanks for the heads-up on these titles. I think the Piper book will become another classic - I agree that it deals with a tricky subject, yet one that we must be totally unafraid to deal with. Personally, I detest some of the crass or simplistic explanations sometimes given about suffering and perhaps this title will help to open up the subject.

Anonymous said...

Yes thank you for these pointers. We have much to be thankful for from the USA. It's ironic isn't it, that so much of the heritage and writings and preaching came from the UK once upon a time when God was blessing our nation, and the Americans were buying our books and shipping them! Now it's vice versa ...

I am not writing this bitterly I'm just musing. I guess the principle is that when God blesses a nation, some of the fruits coming forth are an increase in the writing and preaching ministries of men. Is that kind of accurate? Or just me waxing lyrical!?