Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sam Storms on "Convergence" at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

While on a Sam Storms note, I was thrilled to note (thanks to his nephew) that Sam spoke at Bethlehem during John Piper's sabbatical on the Sunday, but also took time out to speak on a series of seminars on his latest book, "Convergence" - well worth listening to, especially for those of us who haven't got hold of the book yet (hurry up Kingsway!). There were two sessions and a question and answer session.


ollie said...

awesome. thank you for guiding us to yet another set of resources that will be so so valuable in this whole Word and Spirit dynamic. I agree - how desperately we need this book over here in the UK. I am not happy with Kingsway. :(

JamesB said...

Awesome. I've just listened to them all - thanks for that. You wouldn't know he did those sessions just through the ordinary Desiring God website. A well hidden treasure.