Friday, September 08, 2006

Two Weeks Holiday!!

I am HUGELY excited! Tonight myself and a group of friends leave on my first proper holiday for three years (Bible Weeks and conferences don't really count as holidays I think). We are going to a distant island in the Mediterranean so I am feeling slightly like C H Spurgeon escaping to Mentone.

I don't know whether there willl be cyber-cafes or internet access there so no promises as to blogs while I'm away. However if there is I will indeed post as to what God is thrilling me with! I do have a definate plan for not wasting this time as I believe it is a huge gift from God.

1. I am taking about ten books to read that have been staring at me from my library shelves.

2. I hope to finish the "King and His Army" transcripts (Ern Baxter at the Lakes Bible Week 1975) so that I can get back, edit and publish this awesome material and get it out to whoever desires it.

3. I want to have a think about where next to go in my desire to get Ern Baxter's ministry widely available so hopefully will have some definite plans when I return.

4. Above all I want to use this time away from distractions to deepen my relationship with God, hopefully seek for a powerful filling of His Spirit, spend as much time as possible in prayer and fellowship with Him and come back strengthened for the next phase of my life.

So if I can't get to a computer - much love and prayer to all who read this! I trust and hope that you have amazing experiences of God's lavish amazing grace and know a powerful experience of walking with His Spirit. See you when I get back!


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Have a great time!