Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Together on a Mission 2007!!

Yes still on holiday, but I logged on to check my emails and a few favourite sites and was absolutely thrilled to read that Rob Rufus will be back at the conference next year!! He had an outstanding impact in his ministry and I get a feeling that God isn´t through with us yet! A motivation to keep poised for when bookings open! If anyone isn´t familiar with him, here are the links to my reports from his sessions and exactly what happened when he stood up to speak. Wouldn´t it be amazing if this was the fastest selling out Brighton conference yet? I urge everyone who can - don´t miss this man of God if you can!

Rob´s Training Track Day 1.

Rob Main Session.

Rob´s Training Track Day 2.

Rob´s Training Track Day 3.

Here is the rest of the brief official resume from July´s amazing conference from the site.

Together on a Mission 07 with Mobilise 10 - 13 July 2007

Planning for Together on a Mission 2007 is well underway, come back and visit soon to see who will be joining Terry Virgo & Rob Rufus in Brighton in July 2007. 4,000 delegates attended this year’s Newfrontiers annual leader’s conference, making it the largest to date. This included the highly successive students and twenties stream, known as Mobilise. Over 50 different national groups were represented with some coming from Russia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Ghana and Japan.

The week consisted of optional seminars in the morning, followed by times of worship and main meetings which were hosted by Terry Virgo. Some of the morning seminars were themed into training tracks, led by speakers such as Wayne Grudem (USA) and Rob Rufus (Hong Kong). Others were led by such teachers as Greg Haslam (Westminster Chapel) and Philip Greenslade (CWR). Topics included church planting, engaging culture, kingdom mission, signs and wonders, the power of God and the authority of the Bible.

In one of the main sessions, Rob Rufus reminded delegates that there is onward momentum with God when empowered by the Holy Spirit – eloquently summed up using the imagery of an escalator! During a prayer session, Rob picked up the theme from the song This is the year and prophetically stated that a change was coming with the Church set to make a greater impact. This seemed to reflect the title of Terry Virgo’s new book, The Tide is Turning, which was published to coincide with the conference.

In other main sessions Terry Virgo, through the life of Moses, insightfully addressed the life and tensions of a church leader, from both internal and external perspectives.Wayne Grudem unpacked the theme of Jesus being both truly God and completely man, emphatically backing up each point with numerous scriptural references. It was a tour de force by a superb Bible expositor.

Stuart Townend, along with Phatfish and Kate Simmonds, were the main worship leaders. Evan Rogers, from South Africa brought an international flavour when he led worship at the Thursday evening prayer session – a firm favourite with all the delegates.

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