Friday, October 20, 2006

The World's Cry to the Church!

When I began to transcribe prophecies on the "Spirit of God!" website, my close pastor friend Pete felt quite strongly that it would be appropriate when prompted by the Spirit to re-publish certain prophecies. All night I have (for some reason) had on my heart the powerful prophecy that Ginny Burgin brought to the Brighton Leadership Conference. As my friends Luke Wood and "Prophetic Reformation" will no doubt testify (as they both attend her church in Sheffield) - Ginny is a prophetess powerfully used by God and this word impacted the conference greatly. Here is an extract - but I urge you to follow the link and re-read it. Begone evangelical smugness!

"And as I look I start to hear a cry and I start to hear it louder and louder until I want to cover my ears because of the cry that is coming to the church and it is louder and louder. And it says;"Wake up! Why are you still sleeping? Wake up! Get up! Call upon your God and perhaps He will turn on us and have compassion on us and save us!". And the cry just gets louder and louder to the church. "Wake up! Why are you still sleeping? Get up and call upon your God that He might have compassion upon us and save us!".

I hear another voice and this voice shouts out to the church as well. It shouts out; "Prophecy! Prophecy! Prophecy to the wind! Prophecy over these dead souls that they might live! Proclaim to these dead souls that they might rise up and live! Call upon to these people to stand and then call upon the wind to come! Call upon the mighty powerful wind of My Spirit to blow! Call upon the very rock of My breath to come and bring that which was dead to life, to come and bring death to be overcome by the power of life. Prophecy and proclaim to those that are fearful! And let those that are fearful rise up a great and vast and mighty army!".


Anonymous said...

Are evangelicals really that smug? I rather think they too have come in for suffering from your caustic pen. The evangelicals I mix with are deeply concerned about the lost and long to see the Gospel spread.

Anonymous said...

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones wouldn't agree with that. See the chapter entitled "Dry Orthodoxy" in his sermons on "Revival". He argues the greatest sin of the evangelicals is a "smug orthodoxy".

Dr S A J Burgess.