Friday, December 22, 2006

A New Reformed/Charismatic Blog!

I have missed an abundance of good, truly Reformed/Charismatic websites that hold the tension between Word and Spirit in balance so I am thrilled to report that after much persuading, bullying and prayer - my best friend Pete Day has joined the blogsphere!

His site; "The Best is Yet to Come" - was launched yesterday.

Ever since I began my blog, I have been accountable to him for much of what I wrote and published and has been very much a behind-the-scenes partner in what I have been trying to do. He has never been keen to begin to write his own blog due to true humility but I have been convinced that his ministry is so anointed that it deserves a wider audience that the church he pastors in West Norwood, South London.

I had a prophecy for him from Numbers 10 where Moses speaks to his father-in-law and says the famous plea, "Come with us and we will do you good". Terry Virgo mentioned at CCK, Brighton that the father-in-law wasn't just a bystander. He was to be "their eyes" as they went through the wilderness. I felt that God wants Pete to take much of a leading role in helping to keep Ern Baxter's unique ministry alive while I carry on my simple scribing work.

I urge everyone to keep an eye on his blog. There will be some excellent material coming out that cannot be found elsewhere!

By the way ... In my previous post, "Ern Baxter Correcting the Balance", I spoke of three heroes - men of God who had impact on my life. One of these was Peter Cockrell, the pastor of Grace Community Church in Worthing. Peter is also on the "Life in the Spirit" Committee. Yesterday I discovered that he has a blog that he began in May called "Already but Not Yet". He has only posted twice so it may be that it is a dead link and he doesn't have time to carry on but what he has written is worthy of a read. He says; "This blog site is dedicated to the convergence of Reformed theology and charismatic experience". Like Peter Day, he is another gifted anointed preacher who I hoped would preserve his ministry in the written word for future generations to benefit from.

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Peter Day said...

Well, my dear friend, I am certainly honoured to have such a great endorsement from your blog. I only hope "the best is yet to come" lives up to the expectation. I had better get posting soon!