Sunday, December 10, 2006

Possibly the Oldest Sermon Tape of Dr Ern Baxter Around?!

I am so blessed to have met another new friend - a guy called Jeff from Canada. We have begun emailing and share the same passion to not allow the ministry of Dr Ern Baxter to die. He has managed to obtain and has sent me a sermon of Ern Baxter's from October 1952! Ern was preaching on the William Branham crusade in Canada. I haven't yet heard it - but I intend to transcribe it and make it available in audio format as this to me is an exciting rare find! Watch this space ...

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DiĆ³genes Dornelles said...

Please brother Bowen, when you transcribe this rare audio for text I would like you to publish it the fastest possible, because I'm interested in translating it unto Portuguese. I am Brazilian and I translate several texts involving the ministry of divine healing of William Branham and I made a translation of the brother's interview Baxter of 1978 of the magazine New Wine and also of the Newspaper the Voice of the Cure. I would also adore offer this sermon of the brother Baxter for the Brazilian people.
Brother DiĆ³genes Dornelles, Brazil