Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Dales Bible Week 1977 - Angels Among Us!

I was excited to find this website - the Harrowgate New Life Church - who are an apostolic church under Derek Brown's fathering. They have a page called "Re-digging the Wells in Harrowgate" which is of special interest and excitement to me detailing the incredible spiritual heritage of the area. Truly it seems to be a gateway to heaven! Harrowgate of course was the site of the Dales Bible Weeks and they included a clip from a magazine which I suspect was a "Restoration" magazine. It will interest those of us who are spiritual children of that era.

The point about re-digging the wells is that the water is still flowing and is present there. It is the rubbish of the Philistines that has prevented a desperate and thirsty people from being satisfied. I for one would love to hear angels moving and singing among us in our churches and at our up-coming conferences! Oh, that the Brighton Town Council has to lodge a complaint because there is singing heard from the Brighton centre in the middle of the night during the "Together on a Mission 2007" week!
Do it again Lord! Visit us again!


jul said...

I for two...

Peter Day said...

I believe this is significant. Not only is it exciting to read what God has done, but here are another group of God's people who are seeking Him for a fresh visitation.

The tide is turning!