Thursday, February 08, 2007

Smooth Stones from Ancient Brooks ...

While I remain a huge fan of essays, theses, sermons, volumes, serise and all manner of writing there can be no denying that short quotes carry a unique power of their own. They stand in stark contrast and effectiveness and can be more memorable sometimes than a longer piece of writing. Truly Spurgeon's name for quotes, "Smooth Stones" was correct for the right quote in the right context can carry the power of David's stone from his sling aimed at the giant.

Here are some quotes that I carry with me of Ern Baxter's.

"The genius of Christianity is not it's ethic. The genius of Christianity is it's Christ".

"The Church is ultimate. There is nothing beyond the Church".

"Many people who are theoretically correct on the New Covenant are dynamically impotent because they have rejected or neglected or ruled out the Holy Spirit".

"All election is with a view to function".

"The professed people of God have always opposed every new move of God".

"Speaking in tongues was the clear signal that God had granted repentance unto life to the Gentiles".

"But everything about the Cross is legal - there is no functional dynamic in the Cross! The Cross is where Jesus Christ made the legal arrangements for the release of the functional dynamic of the Holy Spirit. It is the Resurrection that gives positive meaning to the negative of the Cross".

"The bottom line of Christianity is not the Incarnation, it is not the impeccable life, it is not the vicarious death, it is not the victorious resurrection or the glorious enthronement - it is the outpoured Holy Spirit!".

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