Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas!!

I am quite concious that the "Humour vs Holy Spirit" post that I published in the early hours of this Christmas Day morning isn't the most positive of posts. The post had to be written and I knew it had to be published because it was weighing on me. But today is a day to celebrate (and many many people including Christians have forgotten why we are celebrating). I have never been so concious than Christmas 2007 has been absent of talking about the Risen and Glorified King and that moment when He came down to earth and was incarnated by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What better way to see in a Christmas than listen to Rob Rufus from last Christmas speaking on;

"The powerful prophetic message of Christmas".

Rather than transcribe the whole message - I am going easy on you. Here are the best and the main quotes! I really pray that this Christmas you become more evident and more aware of the lavish love that God has for you. His love is such that He sent His Son - His only Son - to come to earth! His love is such that when His Son had returned triumphant, He sent His wonderful Holy Spirit to come to earth until the work is done and Jesus returns in glory! May you receive manifest truth of that today.

"Christmas is something to celebrate every day of the year!".

"Many know about a Christmas story but have never had a supernatural Christmas experience. You need the Holy Spirit to show you who Jesus is. When you see who He is - you will be born again!".

"It doesn't matter how bad the Church looks - we are going out in victory! Jesus is triumphant! History is coming to an end! Jesus is coming back and the power of God is miraculously moving across the world! Don't be distressed about all the negative things you see on TV. Focus on the mighty things God is doing in the Church! People are being saved every day in Moslem countries!".

"Prophecy is normal for the Christian! Christian people should be prophetic people! We shouldn't be reacting with shock and surprise - the devil shouldn't be ambushing us! We are called to ambush the devil because we know what is coming! Christian people are a prophetic people - we see the future - we are prepared for the future - we become the future in the now!".

"A marriage of 32 years is a sign to people of what marriage can be like in 32 years time! When God miraculously heals people, it is a sign to people that they can be healed!".

"12 billion US dollars are spent every year by people going to psychics - they are so desperate to hear about their future. I am telling you from the authority of the Bible that psychics do not speak by the Holy Spirit of God but by demon powers and lying spirits. What is most tragic to me is that half of that 12 billion dollars is spent by Christians going to psychics! Because the churches they attend have taken away the supernatural and don't believe in prophecy anymore! If you don't give people food they will eat ANYTHING - even poison!".

"There is a hunger in man to know the future and only a man under the power of the Holy Spirit like Simeon could have supernaturally known the identity and future of this baby. There was so much scandal and condemnation surrounding the birth of this baby. Mary had fallen pregnant before she was married and that was a big scandal in those days. Joseph was trying to convince people it wasn't him but the Holy Spirit who impregnated Mary!".

"If you don't have the prophetic of the Spirit, then you live a shallow life. You are just influenced by rumours and scandal and gossip. You live your whole life drifting because of scandal and gossip. But by the prophetic Simeon saw the true nature of this baby".

"Most people enjoy a brief sentimental feeling about Christmas but they never allow this message to supernaturally change their lives! Simeon saw by the Spirit the TRUE identity of this child because the prophetic was operating in him".

"How did Simeon do that? Everyone of us can do that. We don't only have five physical senses - we have a sixth sense called faith. Faith is not believing something you know is not true. Faith is not a leap into the dark where we kiss our brains goodbye. Faith is a leap into the light - it is a sixth sense as real as your other five senses. Sight - smell - touch - hearing - these senses enable us to contact the physical world. We are created with a sixth sense to contact the supernatural/heavenly world".

"Many people say "I wish I could have your faith". That's as bad as someone saying "I wish I could have your hearing or your sight or your smell". The sixth sense of faith is as real as the other five senses! Sadly many human beings have lost the sense of their sixth sense. When I pick this Bible up, my sense of touch can feel the reality of this Bible. My sense of sight tells me I can see it - it is a reality. But my sixth sense tells me I am going to get healed. And when that sixth sense sees healing you will get healed!".

"There is a solution in this marriage problem coming. There is an answer coming to the problems I am having. Forgiveness is coming! There is such a hunger for meaning in life. Not just making money - if you have a hunger for it, then that proves it exists. Before there was a fin on the fishes back there has to be water".

"Theologians say Simeon was a very old man. "I am not going to die until I see Jesus!". Can you imagine how he was criticised? Simeon knew that he knew that he knew he would see Jesus! The Holy Spirit never lies!".

"The Spirit told him to go into the temple. His sixth sense - his spiritual faculties took him by the temple and he saw many mothers and babies. He came and stood in front of a small little mother - a virgin - with a baby. He grabbed the baby and tears ran down his face. His sixth sense had seen salvation!".

"The same Holy Spirit that was with Simeon is with you today".

"Don't think it is strange for you to long for salvation or for miracles or for signs and wonders today. Salvation is in this house".

"Christmas traditionally is about opening gifts. It is about giving gifts. What happens if tomorrow morning if you have children, they get around the Christmas tree and they pick up the beautifully wrapped gifts and they say "Mum and Dad thank you so much for these gifts" yet one hour later they are still saying "Thank you so much for the gifts!". "Yes yes children but won't you unwrap the gifts?". "No no Mum and Dad I am so excited and salivating over these gifts". "Yes but won't you open them?!".

"The tragedy is that millions of people believe Jesus came as a gift but never open Him. If you don't open the gift then it won't change you. There are millions of church-goers that never open the gift! You can jump out of a plane at 17, 000 with a parachute on your back and while you are hurtling towards the ground you can be singing "I am safe - I have got a parachute". 10, 000 feet from the ground; "I am safe - I have got a parachute". 10 feet from the ground! "I am safe - I am safe!". WHAM! Splatter!

"Today you can walk out those doors with absolute peace in your heart knowing that you know God. All your sins forgiven - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE! All wiped out! Healing can take place in your heart and mind and physical body. Today you must make a decision - "Yes Jesus I receive You today. Just like Simeon knew who You are so do I. You are My Saviour".


jul said...

And a very merry Christmas to you as well!!!

Peter Day said...

There has been so much to think and pray about in your previous post that I have only just read this. It is so amazing. What a glorious Christmas message!