Monday, December 31, 2007

Ruth Heflin Prophesying of the Glory Realm in Hong Kong!!

I have posted this over at "Rob Rufus - Grace and Glory!" - but once again I want this prophecy to gain the maximum readership possible. The context of the prophecy was this; in the last session of the "Grace and Glory" Conference", Rob Rufus played this audio file to us. I had never heard of Ruth Heflin before and have spent some time trying to trace her down on the internet. The audio file begins with a song - "The Glory Realm" - which Heflin wrote and then she comes up herself to prophecy about things that I believe are beginning to happen in these days.

Read it with an open mind. You may disagree with her. You may disagree with her view of the end times and how they are going to pan out. Maybe even your discernment detectors know of something that Ruth Heflin did or said that you don't like. The issue is this; is this prophecy edifying? Is it encouraging? Is it lifting our eyes to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Is it pointing to the true benefits of His finished work on the Cross and the rent veil? If it is, then it seems to me to be true prophecy.

I made a small video file of the prophecy itself which comes first. It isn't very good quality so I have included the transcript of what Rob said and the song and the prophecy after it. I remember sitting there in the conference centre with my head bowed and tears rolling down my face and feeling my faith bubbling like a volcano.

Rob: “I want to play a song here that was written by Ruth Heflin. She was a lady that lived here in Hong Kong in the fifties and sixties. And she wrote this song; “The Glory Realm” and Josh Mills is singing it here. Half way through she comes - and this is one of the last prophetic words she brings before she goes to be with the Lord – and she comes and she prophesies about the glory. And she says some of you have never seen the manifestation of the glory of God but you will become manifestors of the glory. And I want you to position yourself to receive this prophetic word. She was a pioneer and was seeing the gold dust in the fifties and sixties and seventies. She was seeing things that are becoming more revealed in the earth but she was a pioneer. I love pioneers and I want to honour them. Close your eyes and let the word of the Lord come to you through this song she wrote.


“The glory realm – the realm of eternity – the realm of the heavenly King – it’s the glory realm! The glory realm – the realm where the angels sing – the realm of our heavenly King. It’s the realm of God. The glory realm – the realm of eternity – the realm of the heavenly King – it’s the glory realm! The glory realm – the realm where the angels sing – the realm of our heavenly King. It’s the realm of God. The glory realm! The realm of God!

The glory realm - the realm where we stand as one. In the glory of the Son, the glory realm. The glory realm - the realm of His Face revealed. The realm where the nations are healed - the realm of God".

Ruth Heflin:

“For even in these days you shall see wonders sayeth the Lord. Oh I shall cause you to see and to perceive the new realms. Yay for the limitations that the earth has put on thee shall fall away and you will move in realms of the Spirit and of my glory with ease. For that which I desire to do in these last days – I MUST have a people who can move in My glory and I shall teach thee how – I shall cause thee to rise up in my glory in greater and greater ways than ever before. You shall be amazed at what I shall do in and through the heathen in these days.

And yay the Lord says I shall cause thee to move closer and closer in to My heart sayeth the Lord for there are many secret things that I desire to reveal unto you – oh I desire to show unto you – those things I am going to do. The miracles I shall bring forth – I shall reveal them to you before they even happen sayeth the Lord. And I shall give thee an expectation in thine heart and thy spirit for miracles! Oh whereas you have been unbelieving – you shall believe – where you have not seen, you shall see sayeth the Lord.

Where you have seen no manifestation – you shall manifest My giftings, My anointing, My signs and My wonders through your own hand. For I shall reveal My power through you in these last days sayeth the Lord”.

What a better way to end 2007 than to lift our heads with hope and look to the coming cloud of glory? We may not have seen Him yet in full unveiled glory but He is drawing near! God knows what 2008 holds for us!


Don said...

How amazing that Rob knew Ruth Ward Heflin! She was from a Pentecostal family in Virginia, who founded Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle Campground in Ashland, just north of Richmond. (See

During the 90s renewal, Ruth wrote several well-received books on the Glory of God, with which she was intimately familiar. These books, especially "Glory" and "Revival Glory," are very helpful in understanding how to experience and minister under the anointing of the Spirit.

You can now download "Glory" and "River Glory" in PDF at the website!

Ruth had a lot of experience throughout her life in conducting spiritual warfare and evangelism through corporate worship -- yes, evangelism through worship! She described how regular and sustained worship is the highest form of warfare and so necessary to open spiritual doors so the hearts of the unsaved will hear the gospel when it's presented to them.

I saw Ruth minister in 1997 at a conference; she was a bit eccentric but on fire for God and obviously way beyond me in experience with God. How wonderful that she is still influencing us here on earth.

Dan Bowen said...

Ah wow Don! Thanks so much for the history - I have been looking through the website desperately trying to find out more about her! My thinking was that if Rob Rufus called her a pioneer in the glory, then she is someone I want to get more acquainted with! A thousand thank yous for this link - I can't wait to begin reading what she saw decades ago and yet what we are stepping into now at the climax of the consumation of the ages!!

Interesting you say she was a bit eccentric! It seems to be God's style to choose servants who sometimes have somewhat strange habits to see how relentless we are to push through those habits and see the true anointing on them! I remember when I first saw Rob Rufus at Together on a Mission 2006 I couldn't quite figure out why his left hand always started to shake quite violently when he was ministering. I am ashamed to admit I judged it a bit and thought he was trying to copy John Wimber! :(

But now after having sat under his ministry so much more, I know that his hand starts to shake when the Holy Spirit is powerfully present. Why does it happen? I don't know - but I sure don't want to miss the Holy Spirit's Presence and power just because I am trying to figure out why a hand is shaking!! I want to jump into the river of the Spirit that is flowing and experience EVEERYTHING He wants to do in that meeting!!

Awesome ... thanks so much again!