Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Box FULL of Glory!!

It was a thrill to come home from work today and find the postman had delivered a box full of Rob Rufus's latest book; "Invading the Impossible!" - direct from Hong Kong!

As with Ryan's two books - if you live in the United Kingdom and would like to get hold of one of these three awesome books then please do drop me an email and I would be thrilled to ship one or any of them to you.

The "Invading the Impossible" series was a particularly significant and life-changing series for me. Rob preached it in the early part of 2008 at City Church International and it was put into book format. Rob Rufus deals with these issues in this book:

1. Enjoying the Benefits of the Resurrection Power of Jesus.

2. The Designer's Original.

3. The Revolution has Begun - Overthrowing the Spirit of Control!

4. Lifting the Limitations - a Mirror Mentality vs a Window View.

5. No Regrets!

6. Dealing with Disappointment.

7. Authority to Invade.

8. Invading by Reigning.

9. Let God Impress You - (a powerful prophecy to Rob).

I can't urge you enough! Read this book! Listen to the sermon series! It is dangerous!


Lori said...


I am more than curious about Rob Rufus. I'm an avid reader and I study 3-4 hours a day if possible out of the sheer joy of it. I so would love these books but I have tried to find them state side with absolutly no luck, not on amazon, not on christianbook.com...In fact I can find no site where USA shipping is an option. Do you know any way I can get his materials?

We have Andrew Wommack, we have Joseph Prince now coming to the USA, but I'm always looking for more on grace and faith... it completely transforms me. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions! Thanks so much...and I LOVE your blog when I do get to get on the puter (have been very busy with flu season and you know what that is like) Your blog is my first check ;) In Him, Lori

Dan Bowen said...

Hi Lori,

Well I can't deny someone the chance of getting hold of these awesome books! No, I don't think they're available on Amazon yet - although Ryan Rufus has got me trying to set up an Amazon account so they will be available.

Mail me your shipping address and I will pop all three in the post - I'm sure the CCI guys wouldn't mind me mailing outside the USA!! And plus, I think I'm still a bit closer to you than Hong Kong ... maybe!??

Thanks so much for your encouragement - it means so much.

Lori said...


I emailed you back and I want to make sure you get it, if not email me directly at LLaLondeWade@msn.com and I'll send you my address there. PLEASE let me pay for shipping and the books, I'm just pleased at the opportunity to be able to get them and I bless you for shipping them :) In Him, Lori