Monday, November 30, 2009

Dr Lloyd-Jones on the Baptism of the Spirit and Tongues

A quick quote from Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones. I'm reading his chapter on the gift of tongues and he has a rather persuasive argument (everything Dr Lloyd-Jones says is rather persuasive) that I'm not used to in my charismatic experience. He is arguing that Christians cannot speak in tongues at will. At first when I read it I didn't agree but I'm increasingly beginning to see the logic. Hopefully will post some more quotes and thoughts soon.

For now - here's his opening statement in the sermon;

"Let me say again that one of my main objects in this whole series of sermons is to safeguard the doctrine of the baptism with the Holy Spirit. There is a tendency on the part of some, because they dislike the gifts and the manifestations and the excesses to throw out the doctrine of the baptism of the Spirit with it. Let me underline this important fact - you must differentiate between the two. It is possible for a man to be baptized with the Holy Spirit without ever speaking in tongues".

I wish this critically important statement could have been taken to heart in my church history. It would have saved a lot of pain and heartache and upset. For this is definately my observation - that doctrine has been changed BECAUSE of dislike of excess and manifestations. And I just cannot fathom why that should happen. Paul the apostle never once commanded the Corinthians to STOP using the gifts of the Spirit and they were most guilty of excess. He commanded right use - and that surely should be our practice too.


jul said...

Hey Dan, are you planning on summing up his argument about speaking in tongues at will? Seems a little strange to me...we use the other gifts at will. We are free to use all the gifts we've been given I would think. Sounds interesting anyway!

Dan Bowen said...

I am indeed going to summarise it today/tomorrow Julie. I've just been busy working and thinking about it.

"We are free to use all the gifts we have been given".

Yes ... so why don't we get 100% accuracy with gifts of healing then? What Dr Lloyd-Jones seems to be arguing is that we don't get given a gift "once and for all". But each time the gift is used, we are given "a gift of healing, a gift of tongues" etc etc.

So each time the gift manifests, it is a proof of the Spirit coming upon us for that purpose.

Interesting ...

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

There is a section of Ern Baxter's Covenant Love message on the current post video 3.