Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Reference Request .... !

Hey up people! I'm sure I should be doing something festive because this is the weekend before Christmas. But without wanting to sound grinch-like - I'm not actually feeling very festive! Plus my take is that while of course we can celebrate the Incarnation and think of the Lord Jesus coming into the world to take on humanity, I don't like the retail drive that demands we virtually bankrupt ourselves to show "love" to our nearest and dearest.

Maybe the Christmas spirit will sneak up on me sometime this week .... but anyhow this post is a very short request to the C J Mahaney/SGM fans out there. I read this quote by himself this week and can't track down where/when he said it.

Could anyone help? Many thanks!

"Even on our best day - we are shot full of sin".

I found it on the "Spiritual Tyranny" blog - that takes a somewhat satirical look at authority in general.


lydia said...

Even on my worst day, I am shot full of Jesus!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I think it was in his sermon; "The Scream of the Damned" - he preached it at John MacArthur's conference.

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks Anonymous - I don't think it's this sermon, I've actually heard it for the reason that I don't like the phrase; "Scream of the Damned". Another Mahaney-ism that sounds good, but questionable as to how biblical it actually is.

Something doesn't sit right calling Jesus Christ; "The Damned".

janelle said...

The "scream of the damned" was actually Mr. Mahaney in his books Living the Cross Centered Life quoting RC Sproul from a book that Sproul wrote. I think the reason something doesn't sit right with calling Jesus the "damned" is because it was undeserved on His part, completely deserved on ours. Why wouldn't that be biblical? I actually am curious what you think.