Sunday, March 07, 2010

New Wine Magazine - July 1983

This is one of my favourite copies of New Wine Magazine - the July 1983 edition - marking the release of Dr Ern Baxter's latest book; "I Almost Died!". I actually have it framed on my bedroom wall - and decided to put it into PDF format so that it is preserved and protected!
I will never forget probably "the" Shepherding Movement historian - S David Moore who wrote; "The Shepherding Movement: Controversy and Charismatic Ecclesiology" made a comment:

"...essential for an accurate history of the Shepherding movement is a complete collection of New Wine. The magazine published from 1969 through to 1986 was the principal publishing voice of the five teachers and the movement."

It is my belief that these journals - New Wine Magazine and the Restoration Magazine here in the UK - were the key and unique element for the Charismatic Movement. Far more people read these magazines than would usually sit down to read a "theological" tome so it is highly likely that the charismatic teachers such as Ern Baxter or Bob Mumford or Terry Virgo or Bryn Jones reached a massive audience at that time.

And their message should not be lost!

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