Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hope for the Future by Remembering the Past

The tension between remembering the past and gazing to the future is a problematic one at times. Too many Christians tend to gaze fondly back at the past and say; "If only the old days ...". However I find that remembering God's actions in the past are one of the most sure and firm ways of encouragement and of building faith when the present seems to be absent or devoid of the manifest Presence of God. The devil tries to attack our faith by asking; "Does God really still do that today?". If we look back at the past we know for a sure fact He DOES and He WILL again!

So just a short quote from Restoration Magazine - November 1976. Arthur Wallis wrote this in the editorial letter;

"The Dales Bible Week almost defies description. At times waves of praise and worship seemed to roll over the congregation like the sound of many waters. At other times we knew the awesome silence of God's presence amongst us. The thousands present responded with the leap of faith to the ministry of the Word delivered in such rich anointing of authority and faith. What a tremendous foretaste of the ever increasing multitude who will fill the earth with the song of praise and share in the rule of righteousness".

He did it before! He can do it again!


Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

The Melchizedek Order is always switched on. Which is why Jesus got a tad upset with the cripple at Bethsaida waiting around for the angel to stir the waters!

He effectively asked him "Oy, forget the you want Me now or don't you?"

Lloyd said...

Interesting blog, I enjoyed reading your posts. God bless, Lloyd