Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Iron Sharpening Iron!!

I've been wrestling with some "project" to get into recently - I should explain that I don't like being bored. This is why in the past I've embarked on transcribing sermons or lectures I love like Ern Baxter or Terry Virgo or Rob Rufus. I've loved transcribing some of the panel discussions from the Bethlehem Conference for Pastors. Ern always used to say that for every book he read he agreed with, he would read two or three or more that he disagreed with - to spark his thought processes and get him thinking.

I decided to take a leaf out of his book but with transcribing. I've heard vaguely about the "Resolved" conference run by John MacArthur's church in the USA - but have never listened to any sessions. This past conference held a panel discussion and I decided that could be my perfect opportunity. The participants are all men that - well I wouldn't say I am a fan of.

1. John MacArthur - I don't like his anti-charismatic venom or his eschatology or his ecclesiology particularly.
2. Al Mohler - I respect his intellect and massively envy his library (!) but don't like his pneumatology greatly.
3. C J Mahaney - well, most will know what I think of this bloke thus far.

But I resolved (pun intended) to listen and to learn and to disagree - if necessary but above all to think. So far - I'm 40 minutes into the discussion and am finding it really interesting. I love the committed vision for the Gospel. Each of the speakers have a passion to get the gathered 18 to 30's there to see the true wonder and glory of the Gospel - and that is encouraging. Okay - so I am not quite so keen on a few comments - but by and large I am so grateful for this resource and conference - and so glad that I opened my far-too closed mind to hear this resource.

Here is the link for any who want to listen or watch it - and hopefully the transcript will be done shortly!

Keynote Panel Questions and Answers from Resolved on Vimeo.

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