Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Tweets to Follow!!

I don't often comment on Twitter on the blog to be honest - but since getting a new iPhone I've had the facility to follow tweets and re-post some of the best. It is a useful tool - I do love quotes when they are perceptive and prophetic. I hate quoting "for the sake of it" - I find that as pointless as it is annoying. But today was a particularly incredible day for some tweets and quotes - particularly from Rick Warren who said today;

"Every single drop of blood that fell from Jesus' body on the Cross shouted "I love you! I love you! I love you THIS much!".


"No one counterfeits $3 bills since they don’t exist. Phony miracles,churches & believers indicate the genuine is out there".

John Lanferman who leads the Newfrontiers team in the USA also said quite profoundly;

"The Gospel without power is not good news at all".

Finally Twitter is a good way of keeping abreast of news not just reading great quotes. Dave Taylor - one of my sister's pastors from Christchurch in Newport (Sovereign Grace) - has gone to plant a church in Sydney in Australia (wow I'd like to be called there!) and has a great looking website;

I don't know Dave at all but people speak very highly of him as being an incredible worship leader as well as truly and highly valuing the gospel of grace.

So all in all a good "Twitter" day!

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