Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quotes from Glory and Grace Conference 2010!!

I was so blessed and encouraged today to receive an email from Paul Ellis - a fellow grace guy who is actually AT the conference in Hong Kong. I admitted to him I had been feeling wretchedly sorry for myself wishing I was in Hong Kong and was so buzzed to hear that it was going well. Paul said there are some absolutely sterling messages coming from the conference so I cannot WAIT to get typing and transcribing!

Paul guided me to his Facebook profile where he is posting some of the key quotes he hears. Here are some;

‎"God requires perfection and nothing less... Unless you have a perfect high priest, you're finished!" - Rob Rufus G&G10)

“Trying to prove you’re free (by skipping church, not praying etc.) means you’re not free. This spirit of independence discredits the grace message.” ~ Rob Rufus (G&G10)

“Jesus doesn't hate religious people. Religious people put Jesus on the cross and He said, ‘Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing. We have paranoia in parts of the grace movement with people reacting to anything that looks like law or control. One line in a song and they walk out. Don’t hold your leaders hostage. If we’re easily discouraged or judgmental, then we’re still in bondage.” ~ Rob Rufus (G&G10)

"Jesus believes in you! “Your life is not essentially changed by who you believe in. Your life is changed by Who believes in you. When someone recognizes you, it empowers you. It’s not the lesser recognizing the greater. But when the Greater recognizes the lesser, supernatural power is released.” ~ Rob Rufus (G&G10)

Pete Day and I agreed that since we touched the grace movement in 2006/7 the powers of hell have been relentless in trying to discourage, discredit and make us believe that God is not answering His promises, is not good, is not kind and life generally sucks. I love this reminder from such a portal of heaven that God IS good, He IS kind and He IS answering His promises!

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