Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Healing of a Baby in Mobile Alabama!!

Being a paediatric nurse I have a very soft spot in my heart for babies and children. So as I have been following the "Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival" (I love that name!) in Mobile, Alabama I was instantly gripped by this video and this beautiful child - who it seems has been healed of deafness. I find it incredibly moving how emotional Nathan Morris is when he hears the child has been healed. Every servant of God who moves in signs, wonders and miracles will generally be accused of being a phony by cessationist septics. This to me isn't a phony man. This is a desperate and passionate man who is thrilled his God is moving and acting.

Here's the video. I took a screen shot of the medical results shown on the video at 2:23. I am quite familiar with these results in nursing. I would interpret this results card as a baby passing all audiology tests but follow-up being recommended because the hospital staff don't understand why the child has passed!

Here's the results screen capture;

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