Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Love Kate Simmonds!!

Ahh at the risk of sounding like a desperate fan, I am SO thrilled to find these video's tonight. I've been a fan of Kate Simmonds for some years now since I enjoyed her leading worship at Stoneleigh Bible Week. I've never experienced such gentle but powerful leading into the Presence of God. Even if you are struggling to plug into the Presence of God, you only need look at her and see her example. She isn't just singing or performing. She's worshipping.

So her loss to CCK and to Brighton was a loss for the UK - but a massive gain for Australia and Sydney! And it is great to see she is putting her God-given awesome gifts to use for the benefit of the nations. Here's some videos that her church have uploaded with some new songs she has written. The first video is where she explains how she came to write "Grace is not earned".

The final video is the classic hymn "Here is love vast as the ocean" but with Kate's unique slant on it. Alas you can't embed it - but it's well worth following the link and watching!

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