Saturday, April 16, 2011

My love of Pastor's Studies

I don't know why but I just love looking round pastor's studies and seeing the walls lined with books. I guess it grew up from being used to Dr Stanley Jebb's study in Dunstable. His study was a massive "L" shaped room and was lined floor to ceiling with books. Sadly his successor had quite a few less and it was sad seeing empty bookshelves.

I think it's because books say a lot about those who's libraries they belong in. There have recently been a few videos on You-Tube looking around the studies of some well-known men. I thought I'd post a tour round half my library before these men of God - because mine's a lot smaller! (Half to three quarters of mine is housed in London at Lansdowne Evangelical Free Church). The noise is very poor but I focus on my favourite Holy Spirit books, preserved videos from Stoneleigh Bible Week and my Puritan collections;

Terry and Simon Virgo have been doing some interviews in Terry's study which I have loved. You also get a good glimpse at some of the wonderful books Terry has and reads.

5f. Free to worship from Terry Virgo on Vimeo.

Together for the Gospel posted two videos in C J Mahaney's study and in Mark Dever's study. Sadly C J tends to spend rather a lot of time fooling about with a glove and basketball but you do see the set of C H Spurgeon books which is a favourite in my library too.

Mark Dever's library is wonderfully massive and reminds me of Stanley Jebb's. I spied Richard Baxter's works which I have.

And again it was wonderful to see around John Macarthur's amazing study (although didn't see enough of it!);

Books are all very well and good - but if they do not serve in increasing a passion for a real encounter with the Presence of God then they are simply tools to increase intellectual snobbery.

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Jon Sidnell said...

Amen to that last paragraph. I've just felt the Lord giving me a gentle reminder that I've been looking to books, knowledge and facts as my salvation, rather than to Jesus Himself.

Not that books dont have their place, but it's certainly all too easy to think that reading a book, has done the job, when really they should be launchpads used to push us off to running deeper into the glory of Christ!

I've not got a proper browser at the moment, so I'll have to look at your library tour later :)